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Wolf Girl

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Wolf Girl is an adventurous book and is very cool how Gwen is so protective of all her dogs. Gwen was so fast when she saved all the people that fell in the water when the mud slide slid down the cliff. Show more Show less
Wolf Girl is full of adventure from start to finish. I thoroughy enjoyed reading this book and couldn't put it down. I felt a little sad when I finished it and culd not wait to start reading Wolf Girl 2. I hughly recommend this book. Show more Show less
Wolf girl is an amazing adventer to read! I just cant stop reading that book.
This book is about a girl that has many pet dogs and an eagle. This is my favourite book in the world because it is a big book filled with a lot of exciting adventures. It is very cool that the girl turns into wolf girl and she eats hunted lizards. Show more Show less
I liked the book because it was full of fun, adventure, and bravery.
I learnt about living in the wild, eating what you can find and hunting animals.Wolf Girl had a pack of dogs plus a wolf and did tons of wild things, [ just like me ] I really enjoyed this book! Delilah Stedler Show more Show less
this book is verry interesting and every page is mor interesting and you never know what she or the dogs are going to do next my favorite character is Gwen because she is brave and gets out of every situation. The funniest character I think is tiny because he is not scared of anything Show more Show less
I think that Gwen is full with courage
I love this book because it makes you imagine what it would have been like for gwen to have lost all her family.
wolf girl is a very great and exciting adventer book i would say 5 star it is also writen by my fav athor i love wolf girl
Very good. It is sad to think about wars because they are very sad and disappointing. Anh Do is a very good author and has written many good books, and this is one of them!
I like wolf girl because i like the wolf girl. Because she found a wolf.
Wolf Girl shows readers that girls don’t give up when things get hard. I think readers will learn from this incredible book. Although it isn’t a true story, it is realistic and has many reflections. Show more Show less
The book was about a girl named Gwen who gets separated from her family and finds lots of dogs in the forest and raised them. Also helps a bird grow from chick to eagle and one of the dogs is atally a wolf Show more Show less
I really enjoyed this book because it was funny, exciting, and different.
It was so exciting and the whole time I was wondering what would happen next....
THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING I can't tell you how much I loved this book I think that everyone else should read read it to!!
I will give it 5 stars because I LOVED IT!!
- Aria Scriven
This book was so good it hooked me and and I was bouncing in my sit the whole time and my favourite part is that it left me on a cliff hanger. I can’t wait to read the next book.
Thanks Ahn do,
Wolf girl is so interesting and inspirational.
This is a amazing book I encourage others to read it. Because it’s funny and if you’re a animal lover you will love it. Gwen the main character is forced into the woods cause of the war and meets a pack of dogs Show more Show less
this book was really good because it had a lot of adventure and drama in it.
I like this book about a girl who is strong and brave.
Wolf Girl is an incredible series! It is the best series I've ever read!
The book is like a black hole if attractingness
This book is very interesting because it has a good story line. There were lots of cliff hangers. I would recommend this book highly.
I like this book because I like wolves and sunrise would be a beautiful wolf if she was real.
Too many Cliff Hangers!
I recommend this book to 7 and over, it is an awesome book, I love how the pack always look after each other and never give up on each other, and when they always fight the bad guys
I loved the book because there were dogs.
I like wolf girl because it has a wolf in it and it was exciting
It was amazing. It was a really fun book, but it would be a bit scary for my little sister. I liked the character of the Wolf - Sunrise.
I loved Wolf Girl! It was exciting because the main character has to survive by herself and you can see how she develops. I would recommend it to anyone who likes adventure stories.
I think wolf girl is a great book
it has so many adventures and there's dogs one of my favourite animals you never now what's going to happen next.
This book is great!
I loved seeing the wolf grow from a puppy into a grown wolf; this was my favourite character.
I would recommend this book to kids who love books about animals and adventure. Show more Show less
It is a fun packed adventure to keep the readers hooked in for hours
Gwen is going to exit from her home.
She and her family get separated in the woods. Can she survive all bye herself in the woods?
Briliant awsome
I really enjoyed this book. It was full of adventure and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can’t wait for number four to be released.
This book was sad and happy at the same time. An adventure story that I loved so much! My favourite animal - the wolf - was so brave.
I give this a 5 star very satisfying great cliffhanger aswell.
This book was too awesome! I like how Anh Do made this book into an adventures book. It tells me to keep trying and never give up.
I really enjoyed reading this book because it was full of action, I couldn’t put it down! My favorite part was when Gwen meets the wolf’s and dogs, because they helped to save her.
I think Wolf Girl is an excellent book. It gives a lesson about when your life comes to a tough moment- you have to be prepared for anything that could happen. I’m 8 and I love this book. I wish I was as fast as Gwen. Show more Show less
It was so good I couldn’t stop reading it!!!
I love this book, I can't wait until the next one comes out. It is one of the best books I have ever read.
It was so good I couldn’t stop reading it! Can’t wait for number 2! I read it non stop and I finished it within less then 24 hrs it was that good!
this an amazing book which has multiple climaxs
I feel so sorry for Gwen (AKA) Wolf girl. If I was her I would have stayed with my family. Also I feel really happy because she has a pack of wolves ?.
hi so my name is isabel
and i am not a big fan of books but when i started to read
anh do's books i loved them especially beacause of his life he is such a amazing man if you do read his awesome books do read his refuge it is so amazing and anh do also has short books and long books but wolf girl is just perfect!!!
don't want to spoil it to mucho bye for now
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This good book is about how someone gets separated from her family and makes friends with dogs and has to survive on her own
This a really cool adventurous book by Anh Do. I like how this time a girl is the main character in his book.
Wolf Girl is such a amazing book! Gwen gets seporated from her family, and lives four years with puppy, brutus, tiny, zip, nosey and eagle. Gwen decides to rename puppy, because puppy is a wolf now, and call puppy SUNRISE. ENJOY THE BOOK Show more Show less
Wolf Girl is a very good and exciting book! This book is about a girl who gets separated from her family during a war, she survives in the wilderness for 4 years with the help of 4 dogs, an eagle and a wolf, one day she hears voices, a strange man takes her away from her pack. Show more Show less
It's so awesome, lots of imagination and when I close my eyes i can see the pictures of the book in my head without looking at them, the story was fantastic lots of adventure I couldn't put the book down. Show more Show less
The book was really good and the best thing about it was the girl met a wolf. The girl and wolf had a connection .
Quite a good book though not my favourite.
Very adventuress and also very sad i would say this book has definitely hit my number 1. this book is recommended for anyone that reads this review
i like it because it has lots of animals in it and it is exciting. it is easy to read and I recommend it for 5 years and over
It was a very good book to read about a girl lost. I really enjoyed it. You will also like it if you love dogs.
this book is epic for all ages! a girl named Gwen, four dogs, a wolf, an eagle and a massive cliffhanger make up this amazingly action-packed book. be on the lookout!
Wolf girl was an incredible and fantastic book! When I finished it, I was busting to get the next wolf girl book straight away, but unfortunately I have to wait. Wolf Girl is about a young girl who has been separated from her family during a war. She spends four years in the forest, surrounded by her furry friends - a mastiff, a wolf, a chihuahua, a dog called Nosey and a dog called Zip. I beseech you to read it! Show more Show less