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Wombat Stew

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A dingo is very keen on getting a meal with a wombat in it but his friends tell him the wrong ingredients so at the end before he puts the wombat in he tries it but he gets poised.
The animals helped save the wombat from being eaten. The dingo ended up eating just vegetables in the stew. I loved it.
Very funny and great to sing
I love this book sooooooooooooooooo much
A fantastic story about a cunning dingo and his plans to make a wombat stew. The dingo is assisted along the way by other Australian animals on how to make his wombat stew taste better, or will it!
i like this book because its one of my mums fave books. i like all the animals and all the bugs and creepy crawlies. And the animals trick the dingo and he runs away
It made me laugh a little bit
i think that wombat had a great sip but it was poisonous and yucky.
i like how it is a song book.
I liked when the dingo carried the wombat in the bucket. It was funny!
His friends trick the dingo, poison him and save wombat. Then there's a song at the end.
I liked how they made dingo think they were helping.
Really funny and creative. Has good pictures to.
Enjoyed this book