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By R. J. Palacio

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The narrator switches to jack as he remembers what he bad mouthed August
Wonder is a very heartfelt book that gives you an insight into what it is like to be 'deformed'. I loved the book especially how it changes character perspectives so you can see the whole story.
Wonder is a wonderful book. It is heart moving and sad. I would recommend this book. This book is one of my favourites now.
an amazing book with a great story I love it
A heart- warming, beautiful story, that has the power to change minds and change perspectives. One of the best possible stories one can read.
It is one of the most moving books I have read in a long time, and I am still pretty amazed at how the author wove so much complexity into a story for middle schoolers.

It is the story of a boy with a genetic craniofacial deformity who has been homeschooled through fourth grade because of his frequent childhood surgeries. When the story begins his parents have decided they think he should go to school for the first time for fifth grade. The story covers his first year in school.

It is told in first person, but the parts of the story are told (and in some cases retold) from several characters' viewpoints. The boy himself, his older sister, two of his friends from school, his sister's boyfriend, and his sister's friend take turns. Each narrator adds subtle new dimensions to the story.

The theme of the book is that we can all choose kindness, and this theme is developed through amazingly honest and poignant portrayals of middle school and high school social dynamics and family dynamics. The author excels at showing not telling. It never feels preachy or overdone, or like an issue advocacy book. But the messages are there loud and clear: Being nice is not the same as being a friend, doing the right thing often costs you something but it's worth it, everyone has something to be grateful for, peer pressure makes you stupid, but it's never too late to change your course, we all need people who love us unconditionally.

The book was convicting, laugh out loud funny, truthful, hopeful, and heart-warming.

Because I know some people are have stricter standards than I have, here are all the things anyone might possibly want to be aware of before recommending it to a child:

There are some gluteal-themed jokes revolving around the names of a teacher named Miss Butt and the principal Mr. Tushman. The word "sucks" is used a few times. A funny story involves the "farting nurse" who attended the main character's birth. A dog is put to sleep. One character briefly explains his views of reincarnation. It is mentioned that peripheral characters play Dungeons and Dragons at recess. There are repeated references to Star Wars characters and other popular culture items. Halloween is the main character's favorite holiday. Middle school students have crushes on each other and "go out" with each other. The fifteen-year-old sister has a boyfriend and it mentions him kissing her twice. There are two references (both by girls) to being flat-chested. A couple times girls are referred to as "hot." One character's father has been killed in the Iraq war. There is a brief mention of one character's divorced father getting married to his pregnant girlfriend, and another character's parents are divorced. There are a couple instances of copying homework and lying to teachers or parents with no repercussions. There are varying degrees of bullying depicted, some of which is pretty cruel.

Overall, it had very positive portrayals of family, parents, authority figures, and young people.

It was really thought-provoking and has so much fodder for fruitful discussion with upper elementary or middle school students. The book is so beautifully written that older students (and parents) can also really appreciate it too.
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this is a very good book!! it is very nice, pleasant and hart warming!!!!!
This book was really sad but amazing!!!
I would recommend it to everyone!!!!!!
It was great, although I cried so hard in the middle of the story. If you are looking for a heartwarming, tear shedding book then you are looking at the right one, I read this book in 5 days which is good for a novel. It is an easy read and an easy understanding. Show more Show less
Amazing book Such a moving story must read for all
Really interesting book. Great lesson in accepting everyone for who they are inside
really interesting!
August Pullman was funny and creative to make life easier in a world where he was seen as deformed. He was a survivor having to go through lots of surgeries but his personality triumphed at the end.
wonder was good. Julian was really mean to August. My fav part was when summer ignored the girls that were talking about August.
wonder was an overall good book because it was a quick book for me, but it gets a little bit boring.but it was good overall.
It is a great book,some sad parts but it shows that it is okay to be different and that everyone is there own unique
This book was very sad in some parts and good in others. It was also about not judging people for how they look and it also did it in other characters Point of Views
a heart warming story of friendship and kindness, teaching us the true meaning of UNIQUE.
A great book about a little boy with a lot of courage and a kind heart who gets bullied for his looks , I really enjoyed the story..
This book shows the dificulty of being 'disformed' as they call it. Laughing behind his back, people getting scared of him, losing trust and losing love are few of the many things that happen to August Pullman, because of his face. But being with him, you realize that he isn't who you think he is.

When August Pullman enters school, he thinks it will be horrible, but he is quite wrong. School is not bad, except about a million things. He is up for a challenge....
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Love it! from Sophia Gigliotti
We are reading this at Emerald Primary School!
I very well enjoyed this sad book I have read it 8 times already and I am still reading it
Beautiful compassionate story engaging the reader and encourages empathy. A real tear jerker that tugs at the heart strings. Fantastic for senior primary grades as a novel study.
Wonder is about a child that has a deformed face and how his family and friends see him all differently, aswell as how he sees himself.
What a Wonder!
absoloutley amazing :)
This book is full of love and kindness.Highlights all the challenges that Auggie faced thought fifth grade and life itself.
The message of kindness and acceptance is just around the corner in this book. Show more Show less
It is good message
this book is so amazing and very heart touching. i love it, and i love the consept of
'You can't blend in when you were born to stand out'
This book is wonderfully written! The messages throughout the book are strong and need to be heard! There were moments where I laughed out loud and when I cried because it was sad! It was an emotional ride but 100% worth it? Show more Show less
The Book Wonder by R J Palacio

Has 300 easy to read pages about a boy named August who goes through roller coasters through his life.

My favourite bit of the book is at the end, at the graduation ceremony. If they did more description on the characters and their personalities, it would give me a better picture of them in my head so it would be more realistic to me. The book is a page turner, but I would like more to the story at the end. The book made me laugh a little bit and emotional a little bit as well. Each character in the book has their own perspective of everything which I like because some of the books I read, the characters act the same. The book has a lot of good messages to take from, like everyone in the world is different and don't just be kind, show kindness. Another suggestion is that maybe there could have been another kid like August who also had a hard time at school, that he would have learnt from.

I highly recommend this book for kids at 7+

The book teaches kids about kindness and being a good friend. I rate this book 4.5 stars.

Reviewed by Boogie
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It’s nice but a teensy weeny bit sad.
I love this book so much because there's a good message to it
I love how Auggie’s family didn’t care he was different they just loved him. I loved that the book taught me not to care what others thought about me as long as they love me and it’s ok to be different Show more Show less
Great book, sad but very nice, would definitely recommend reading this book.
its okay
it really isn't my type and seems very weird don't really like it.
I love this book so much!
This book was really motivational. I loved that it has everyone different point of views and it made me be aware of your actions. I loved to read this book would recommend it.
This book has a wonderful message and pulls on the heart strings.
When we read it for our class novel even the teacher was crying.?
This book is smart and well explained and writes from other characters perspective.
It a great read