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By R. J. Palacio

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Beautiful compassionate story engaging the reader and encourages empathy. A real tear jerker that tugs at the heart strings. Fantastic for senior primary grades as a novel study.
Wonder is about a child that has a deformed face and how his family and friends see him all differently, aswell as how he sees himself.
What a Wonder!
absoloutley amazing :)
This book is full of love and kindness.Highlights all the challenges that Auggie faced thought fifth grade and life itself.
The message of kindness and acceptance is just around the corner in this book. Show more Show less
It is good message
this book is so amazing and very heart touching. i love it, and i love the consept of
'You can't blend in when you were born to stand out'
This book is wonderfully written! The messages throughout the book are strong and need to be heard! There were moments where I laughed out loud and when I cried because it was sad! It was an emotional ride but 100% worth it? Show more Show less
The Book Wonder by R J Palacio

Has 300 easy to read pages about a boy named August who goes through roller coasters through his life.

My favourite bit of the book is at the end, at the graduation ceremony. If they did more description on the characters and their personalities, it would give me a better picture of them in my head so it would be more realistic to me. The book is a page turner, but I would like more to the story at the end. The book made me laugh a little bit and emotional a little bit as well. Each character in the book has their own perspective of everything which I like because some of the books I read, the characters act the same. The book has a lot of good messages to take from, like everyone in the world is different and don't just be kind, show kindness. Another suggestion is that maybe there could have been another kid like August who also had a hard time at school, that he would have learnt from.

I highly recommend this book for kids at 7+

The book teaches kids about kindness and being a good friend. I rate this book 4.5 stars.

Reviewed by Boogie
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It’s nice but a teensy weeny bit sad.
I love this book so much because there's a good message to it
I love how Auggie’s family didn’t care he was different they just loved him. I loved that the book taught me not to care what others thought about me as long as they love me and it’s ok to be different Show more Show less
Great book, sad but very nice, would definitely recommend reading this book.
its okay
it really isn't my type and seems very weird don't really like it.
I love this book so much!
This book was really motivational. I loved that it has everyone different point of views and it made me be aware of your actions. I loved to read this book would recommend it.
This book has a wonderful message and pulls on the heart strings.
When we read it for our class novel even the teacher was crying.?
This book is smart and well explained and writes from other characters perspective.
It a great read