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the twits

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I think The Twits is really good because the Twits are really naughty and it is really funny. They keep monkeys in a cage!
I enjoyed this book because I thought that the langue was awesome.
I loved the book and loved that the author did lots of challenging words that sucked me in
The twits is about a man and a woman who are very mean to each other. They have muggle wump monkey who do circus tricks. They have no windows in their house because Mr twit thinks people will look in and watch you.

I liked the book because it was funny. It was at times a bit scary like in the middle of the book Mrs twit has bird pie but she puts whole birds into the pie with legs sticking out. It's a good book and I will probably read it again.
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Loved when muggle wump had an idea and put everything on the the floor that was on the roof and everuthing that was on the floor on the roof!
The Twits LOVE playing pranks on each other like...........
worms in spaghetti or toads in beds ,the glass eye and don't forget the funny walking stick. Every Wednesday they have bird pie for supper. They catch it themselves by painting their big tree with the stickiest glue in the world HUG TIGHT. One day when Mr. Twit came out to collect the birds, they were all sitting on the monkey cage Mr. Twit was furious he loved bird pie and he was not going to wait till the next week so he painted the monkey cage with the glue but the birds aren’t that dumb so they were sitting on the roof of the Twits Mr twit was about to put sticky glue on the roof of their house when Mrs.Twit caught him and said I will not let you paint sticky glue over our house so they went to bye some guns wile the Twits were out muggle wump (the oldest monkey) had an idea to turn the twits upside down because he wanted to see what the twits think about standing on their heads like the monkeys had to do every day so they stuck all of the furniture on the cirling so that they are going to stand on their heads to be then right way up. Then the Twits got home when two ravens flue over the twits painting some glue on their heads when the twits got inside they thought that they got flipped over so they decided to stand on their heads they were stuck to the floor and stayed their for the rest of their life. Show more Show less
Excellent read fully of humours characters
This is my favourite Roald Dahl book!
the twits by Roald Dahl is a story a about monkeys, rolley poly birds and two horrible people who do terrible things to each other. anything by roald dahl is worth a try. his books are short, quick and fun. would recommend. Show more Show less
i thought it was a pretty good book. It was a little gross and weird but i learnt some new words.
This books is really good to read.
enjoyed this book