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Abby Fowler

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

My first readathon!

Please help me meet my goals in my first ever readathon and to raise lots of money to help people affected by MS.

I've read 9 books

Not a lot, robot!

by Marie Powell

Get Wet!

by Marie Powell

Go to bed, Ted!

by Marie Powell

Stop, Pop!

by Marie Powell

Dan can!

by Marie Powell

That cat!

by Marie Powell

Dig Pig

by Marie Powell

The peaches on the beaches

by Brian P Cleary

Young and old

by Emily Dawson

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Marburg Lesley


Louise Cheung

Go Abby! I remember these when I was at school, and loved every minute. Hope you do too Xx


Christine Jess

Happy Happy reading Abby Jean 😘


Alisha Fowler

Happy reading Abbs you smart lil cookie!


Brailee Binios

Go abby! I hope you achieve your goal. I am so proud of you! Big hugs. Love Brailee xx



Hi nanny’s angel I am so very proud of u and love u to the moon and back a trillion times


Mary & Kellie

Well done Abby. Enjoy reading all your books. You are doing something wonderful xx




Fiona Ling

What an amazing feat you've committed yourself to Abby, and well done for doing this for such a great cause. Enjoy the books and please tell me all the wonderful stories when we meet next xxx


Lancaster Family

Abby - have fun reading honey!! Lots of love from all the Lancasters in Sydney Xx


Olivia B

So happy to support your reading journey Abby, and for such a wonderful cause! Well done and I'd love to know ur faves!


Aly Porter

So proud of you Abby! Happy reading little lady :-)


Christy-lee Jess

You go Abby Jean, good luck reading all the books 📚 Lots of love Awesy, Chrissy and Grace xx


Maree Hutchinson

Great job taking this amazing adventure Abby! Keep up the great work!


Rachel Kellett

What a wonderful cause to raise money for Abby Well done 😊


Judy Bryant

Good job Abby, well done.


Abby Fowler

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