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Alexander Yiu

Participating in my 4th MS Read-a-Thon

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Please donate to my MS redathon page!

I am a massive fan of the MS readathon and have done this 6 times before. Now I'm doing it again! and am encouraging others to do the same. If you do not feel in a position to support me, I recommend you sign up! This challenge is a great way to encourage reading and all for an extremely important cause. If you do donate, I thank you heavily. You can not imagine how important it is to me.
Now I will be increasing my said goal by $100, and am aiming to reach 55 books! I have already gained 20 from PRC, and if you are supporting me with this challenge, please consider donating! From $5 to $50 or more, any amount will have a place in someone else's heart, and another in mine. Help me reach $1000!
If you donate more than $25 and send the word "Busking", I'll try to read a book of your choice!

I've read 35 books

Treasure Hunters

by Chris Grabbenstein & James Riley

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

by J.K Rowling

Harry potter and the goblet of fire

by J.K Rowling

The Hobbit

by J.R.R.Tolkein

Home sweet motel

by Chris Grabbenstein

39 clues the sword thief

by Peter Lerangis

Gangsta Granny

by David Walliams

39 clues a false note

by Gordon Korman

The Magic Misfits

by Neil Patrick Harris

The far side gallery 2

by Gary Larson

Story thieves worlds apart

by James Riley

Ready Player One

by Ernest Cline

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

by J.K Rowling

The Happiest Refugee

by Anh Do

Story thieves stolen chapters, the

by James Riley

pick the plot story thieves

by James Riley

Max Einstein Saves the future

by James Patterson

Max Einstein Rebels with a cause

by James Patterson

Fowl twins deny all charges, the

by Eoin Colfer


by R.J.Palacio

Secret weapon

by Horowitz, Anthony


by Horowitz, Anthony

Land of stories, The: Worlds collide

by Colfer, Chris & Dorman, Brandon (ill)

Land of stories, The: The wishing spell

by Colfer, Chris & Dorman, Brandon (ill)

Land of stories, The: Beyond the kingdoms

by Colfer, Chris & Dorman, Brandon (ill)

Hate that cat

by Creech, Sharon

Fowl twins, The

by Fowl twins, The

Conspiracy 365: January

by Lord, Gabrielle

Conspiracy 365: February

by Lord, Gabrielle

Auggie & me

by R.J.Palacio

Artemis Fowl: the Arctic Incident

by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

by Eoin Colfer

365 Days of Wonder

by R.J.Palacio

Harry Potter

by J.K Rowling

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Alex Yiu

Pinapple! Self Donation! Please donate!


Leanne Yiu

Well done Alexander!


Mama And Yeye

Proud that you are reading and donating to such a worthy cause!



Great to see someone enjoys reading, especially for a good cause!


Natasha Daly

Great work Alexander! Can’t wait to see you hit the 50 books.


Paul Firkin

Great work Alexander. 21 books to date is a superb effort.


Miranda Wong

Keep on going. Support 👍👍👍


Lori Lemon

Well done great work Alex. All the best.


Paw Paw & Gung Gung

We love your persistence in helping MS Society. Great efforts. .


Anthony Lee

Happy to support you Alexander. Keep reading.


Sing Ko


Conrad Yiu

First donation to kick it off! Happy reading and great to see you doing MS Readathon again

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