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Avery Edwards

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 82 books

There’s a hippo on my roof eating cake

by Hazel Edwards

The nose that knows

by Malachy Doyle

Disgusting McGrossface

by Rove McManus


by Unknown

A horse named steue

by Kelly collier

Dump truck disco

by Skye silver

Hilly the hippo

by Joey ahlbum

Ten minutes to bed

by Rhiannon fielding


by Suan Jackson

I love you bunny

by Unknown

How to build a snowman

by Unknown

Mystery time

by Unknown

Now that’s a hat

by Heath McKenzie

Too many pairs

by Jackie French

The magic hat

by Mem fox

I don’t want to eat mydinner

by David cornish

The woNkey donkey

by Craig smith

Pig the pug

by Aaron blabey

The very hungry bear

by Nick bland

I went walking

by Sue machin

The day the crayons quit

by Oliver jeffers

The very noisy bear

by Nick bland

The dragon sitters castle

by Josh lacey

Wish upon a star

by Holly lansley

Ocean lullaby

by Sally odgers

Possum magic

by Mem fox

Little miss hug

by Roger hargreaued

The yellow tractor

by Joy cowley

You me and the rainbow

by Pretreat king

We’re going on a bear hunt

by Michael Rosen

Wombat stew

by Marcia Vaughn

That’s not my tiger

by Fiona watt

Spots birthday party

by Eric Hill

Rude Nudie

by Emma Quay

Can you say roar roar

by Sebastian Brawn

That’s not my teddy

by Fiona watt


by Alison lester


by Andy cutbill

Frog on a log in abog

by Terry denton

Minnie and the dog napper

by Unknown

Walking through Australia ??

by Pamela traynor

I feel good book

by Todd park

Hooray for hats

by Brian won

The very cranky bear

by Nick bland

This and that

by Mem fox

Piranhas don’t ate bananas

by Aaron blabey

Pig the fibber

by Aaron blabey

There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie

by P. Crumble

Guess what. There’s a hippopotamus on the hospital roof eating cake!

by Hazel Edwards

Spots big look and learn book

by Eric hill

I feel proud

by Unknown

How do I feel?

by Unknown

You re a big sister

by David bedford

Time for bed

by Mem fox

I feel angry

by Sophie parkes

Good morning who’s snoring

by Amanda mincherton

Ben and grandma

by Jessie Parker

How many grasshoppers

by Ian wright

That’s not my monkey

by Fiona watt

10 in the bed

by Penny dale

Are we there yet?

by Alison lester


by Margaret hamilton

Five minute fairy tales

by Helen anderton

The boy who liked shopping

by Carol Krueger

Silky the flying cat

by Andy Griffiths

Kate who was always late

by Susan griifths

Cheese please

by Kaylie noble

10 hopping bunnies

by Ed allen

I love you now and forever

by Dawn casey

Where is galah

by Sally morgan

My mum is the best

by Rosie smith

Alpacas with maracas

by Matt cosgrove

I’m Australian too

by Mem fox

I will always love you

by Caroline pedler

Where is the green sheep

by Mem fox

The pink probcess

by Lulu frost

The smartest giant in town

by Julia Donaldson

A squash and a squeeze

by Julia donaldson

Definitely do not open this book

by Andy lee

I’ve been good

by Jen porter

A stack of alpacas

by Matt Cosgrove

That’s the sound the street makes

by Danny katz

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Aunty Alux

Well done Ave, thought we'd double the donation since you did such an amazing job!!!!!! The world will be an amazing place with people like you growing up 💗💗


Hayley Jones

Legendary Effort Aves!!! We're all very proud of you. Love Jonesy and the gang x


Linda Mcelroy

So well done Avery! Scotty and I are very proud of you!


Ian And Michelle Mcelroy

Well done Avery that’s an amazing amount of books to read!!


Bianca & Kane Stewart


Kym Raft

NICE work Aves! 👏👏


Adele Truefeldt

Great stuff Aves! Keep reading you star ⭐❤️


Renee Brain

Amazing effort Avery!!!! Keep reading little legend!!!


Rod & Annette Ward

Well done Avery ! Fantastic effort.


Judith Ratican

Go girl!😇


Ash Flower

What a wonderful thing you’re doing Ave! Well done gorgeous!


Michelle Lilly

Happy reading Avery - you're a superstar!!!


Brooke Edwards

Awesome work Ave - so proud of you xx


Hayley Tatt

Go Ave you superstar! Xxx


Lorissa And Travis Edwards

Go Ave you little superstar!!! You are making a difference and should be so proud. Xxx


William Campbell

Go Avery!


Nada Sage

Go for it Avery 👍💪❤️


Lynn & Angel

GO AVERY! You are amazing.


Cailin, Cooper & Billy Levis

What a wonderful little reader you are Avery. All the best sweetie. Xxx


Dane Grenfell And Cassie Porter

Awesome work Avery!!!


Sally Zoghi

Well done Avery!


Tash & Saul Grenfell

Go Avery!, you can do it! xo



I’m so proud of you Avery. Good luck reaching your goal, I know you can do it!


Casey Ringin

Well done Bubba! You’ve got this 😊 X


Jody Closter

Happy reading ave!


Hayley Inglis

Go Avery!


Allan & Lyn Edwards

Nana & Poppy are very proud of you Avery we know you can do this x


Scott Addicott


Mel And Smooooothy

Great work Avery!!!! You can do it! Keep reading! Lots of love Mel and Smoothy


Mum & Dad

You got this Ave 👊 mum & dad

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