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Ayesha Senthuran

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

The Carrick sisters against MS

I've raised 90.62%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

All star

My second MS Readathon!!

This year I feel so great to do the MS readathon again! I am really thankful to my sponsors and my team. Feel free to search the Carrick sisters and sponsor themas well:)

I've read 12 books


by Carolyn Keene

The scarlet macaw scandal

by Carolyn Keene

Frieda a new Australian

by Marianne Musgrove

Wings of fire winglet collection

by Tui.T Sutherland

The Snow Pony

by Alice Merton


by R.J Palcio

Keep calm and be happy

by Helaine Becker

The darkness of Dragons

by Tui.T sutherland

Talons of Power

by Tui.t Sutherland

Escaping Peril

by Tui.T Sutherland

The Brightest Night

by Tui.t Sutherland

The dark secret

by Tui.t sutherland

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Thank you to my Sponsors





Michelle Maxey

Happy reading ❤


Ratheeswari Sivagnanavel

Well done Ayesha!


Shiromi Prematunga

Good job Ayesha…🤗🤗


Ravi Krishnadasan

Keep reading my dear!!


Assai Mami

Well done my little read robot. So proud of you


Niranjala Seimon


Meera Paripurapavan

Well done Ayesha!! Enjoy the adventures!


Jeff Maxey

Keep up the awesome work 🥰



Wish you well Ayesha. Well done


Kj & S O’brien Building Contrractors Pl

Enjoy the books. Smooches to you princess xxx


Will And Andi Cairns

Well done Ayesha! Thank you for your interest in MS research. Much appreciated!


Amelia Tong

Well done Ayesha!


Veronica Donohue

Hi Aeysha - so proud of you! That’s why you are so good at nana gram!


Lakshmi Ramalingam

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