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Reading for my Mima

This is my second MS Readathon that I am doing in honour of my Mima (grandmother). She had MS for a very very long time since my mum was little and passed away on Christmas Eve 2019. I miss her very much. 

I am aiming to read 31 chapter books this month and would be so grateful for any support. The money raised helps people with MS and their families. Thank you for helping me raise money to help them!

I've read 48 books

The Girl, The Dog & The Writer In Rome

by Katrina Nannestad

Head Kid

by David Baddiel

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2

by Various Authors

Easter Stories

by Enid Blyton

Letty’s Christmas

by Alison Lloyd

Letty on the Land

by Alison Lloyd

Letty and the Stranger’s Lace

by Alison Lloyd

Meet Letty

by Alison Lloyd

Nellie and the Secret Letter

by Penny Matthews

Ellie’s Magical Bakery

by Ellie Simmonds

Meet Nellie

by Penny Matthews

Anne of Green Gables

by L.M. Montgomery

The Secret Library of Hummingbird House

by Julianne Negri

The Power of Positive Pranking

by Nat Amoore

The Good Times of Pelican Rise - Save the Joeys

by Samone Amba

The Quite Big Book of Penelope Perfect

by Chrissie Perry

The 130 Storey Treehouse

by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

Pearlies's Ghost

by Gabrielle Wang

Peacetime For Alice

by Davina Bell

Alice of Peppermint Grove

by Davina Bell

Alice & The Apple Blossom fair

by Davina Bell

Meet Alice

by Davina Bell

The Girl, The Dog & The Writer In Provence

by Katrina Nannestad

Pearlie The Spy

by Gabrielle Wang

Pearlie's Pet Rescue

by Gabrielle Wang

Meet Pearlie

by Gabrielle Wang

A Rumble In The Jungle

by Geronimo Stilton

School Days For Ruby

by Penny Matthews

Ruby Of Kettle Farm

by Penny Matthews

Ruby & The Country Cousins

by Penny Matthews

Meet Ruby

by Penny Matthews

Big Trouble In The Big Apple

by Geronimo Stilton

A Very Merry Christmas

by Geronimo Stilton

As Fast As I Can

by Penny Tangey

A Fabmouse Vacation For Geronimo

by Geronimo Stilton

Paws Off Cheddarface!

by Geronimo Stilton

Horse Mad Whispers

by Kathy Helidoniotis

Horse Mad Heights

by Kathy Helidoniotis

Horse Mad Western

by Kathy Helidoniotis

Wolf Girl - Across The Sea

by Anh Do

Totally Horse Mad

by Kathy Helidoniotis

The Karate Mouse

by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton Christmas Catastrophe

by Geronimo Stilton

The Odds

by Matt Stanton

Nicola Berry and the Petrifying Problem with Princess Petronella

by Liane Moriarty

The Last Bear

by Hannah Gold

Alice Miranda in the Alps

by Jacqueline Harvey

Alice Miranda in Paris

by Jacqueline Harvey

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Hansen Family

Well done Chloe


Bec Scarfone

Well done!!! You should be VERY proud!



Well done beautiful Chloe ?


The Wilsons

Great effort, Miss Chloe - well done!


Cherie, Morgan & Olive

Woohoo! Go Chloe! We're so proud of you, as always. Lots of love from Aunty Cherie, Uncle Morgan & Olive


Angelika Pfeiffer

Well done Chloe!




Solomon Family

Fabulous Chloe!!


The Sparrowhawk Family

What an inspiration you are Chloe ? and such a worthy cause. Well done! xo


Kim Maloney

Well done Chloe!



To a very worthy cause. 31 books is an amazing target, but I know you will achieve it and then some!





Downing Family

Happy Reading Chloe X



Way to go, Chloe! ❤️


The Gardiner Family

Hi Chloe we are all so proud of you. Keeping reading : )



Good luck ?


Amelia, Eleanor And Harry

Enjoy the reading and well done Chloe! So amazing.



We are so proud of you Chloe. ?


Roberto, Marco And Nicholas

Thank you for doing this for Mima and for our family Chloe! We love you, from Owo, Tito Marco and Tito Nick in Jakarta!


Paolo Feliciano

Thank you for doing this Chloe! ❤️


Tara Yoga

Well done Chloe, you’re a gem!! . ♥️♥️



Way to go Chloe..... keep on reading ❤️


Tammy Kitchen

I used to LOVE doing the readathon when I was a little girl!! You are just beautiful for doing this for your Mima Chloe & we wanted to encourage you xx


Mum & Dad

Chloe, we are so proud of you. Thank you for doing this in honour of Mima, I know she is so proud of you too. Love you xo

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