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Cobyn Robson

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 104 books

Cobyn travels Australia

by Publishing company

Please write back

by Jennifer Morris

Just tricking

by Andy Griffiths

How not to be a twit and other wisdom

by Roald Dahl

Bad pets save Christmas

by Adam zullo

Fart monster and me

by Tim Miller

First day

by Andrew daddo

Oh the pets you can get

by Tish rabe

The lorax

by Dr Seuss

In the wild west

by Alex and penny

The three bears

by Unknown

Monster mansion

by Top that publishing

Noddy and tessy bear

by Enid blyton


by Anna pignataro

Ben 10 cold blast vs bug man

by Cartoon Network

If you’re happy and you know it

by P Crumble

The witches britches

by P. Crumble

It’s your world now

by Barry falls

Worm loves worm

by J.J Austrian

Noodle head

by Giles andreae

The pear in the pear tree

by Pamela Allen

Baby’s first jailbreak

by Jim whalley

The cow tripped over the moon

by Tony Wilson

Robot Rumpus

by Anderson press

Lullaby & goodnight

by P Crumble

Silky the flying cat

by Andy Griffiths

Madam know-it-all’s believe-it-or-not book

by Andy Griffiths

Barky the barking dog

by Andy Griffiths

Vegetable Patty

by Andy Griffiths

Jill’s little big book of animals.

by Andy Griffiths

The treehouse alphabet book

by Andy Griffiths

The terrifying tale of terry’s underpants

by Andy Griffiths

Eric the postie

by Matt shanks

There’s a shark in the loo

by Sharon Boyce

Stars & galaxies

by James Buckley junior

Grug at the beach

by Ted prior

Fly guy’s big family

by Tedd Arnold

True or false

by Mellonee carrigan

Vegetables in holiday underwear

by Jared Chapman


by Emma Dodd

Billy & the mini monsters

by Zanna Davidson

You’re all my favourites

by Sam mcbratney

Owl babies

by Martin Waddell

Handa’s surprise

by Eileen Browne

Ten in the bed

by Penny dale

Can’t you sleep little bear?

by Martin Waddell

What the ladybird heard

by Julia Donaldson

Ollie and the wind

by Ronojoy Ghosh

A giraffe in the bath

by Men fox & olivia reason

It’s not scribble

by Kate Ritchie

Blast off

by Shelly unwin

The Easter bunny comes to Australia

by Lily Jacobs

The heart of a champion

by Disney Pixar

Thunder hollow

by Disney

Jackson storm takes the lead

by Disney

The road to victory

by Disney Pixar

Meet the next generation

by Disney

Jack’s funtastic day

by Angela Barrett

Cyclone fever

by Sally Morgan

10 silly wombats

by Ed Allen

If I ran the rainforest

by Bonnie worth

The avengers

by Thomas Marci

Mummy and me

by Tiya hall & Sydney Hanson

A ragged blossom tale, the great rescue

by May Gibbs

Wide big world

by Maxine beneba clarke

Mums don’t fart ok!!

by Lisa regan

I need a hug

by Aaron blabey

Yoohoo and friends, meerkat mayhem

by Unknown

A new friend for mouse

by Jo Lacey

When dinosaurs ruled

by Lucy Waterhouse

Mermaid school

by Alexandra Robinson

The little old lady who swallowed a fly

by Alexandra Robinson

Little unicorns dreams

by Alexandra Robinson

Puppy paints a picture

by Alexandra Robinson

Llamas busy week

by Rosie greening.

Who lives here

by Alexandra Robinson

Dance party

by Mary Atkinson

Noisy animas

by Alexandra Robinson

Bedtime for ted

by Alaxandra robinson

Can I play with a monster

by Mary Atkinson

I can swim

by Alexandra Robinson

Meet the dragons

by Alexandra Robinson

At the beach

by Alexandra Robinson

Meet the farmers

by Mary Atkinson

Please and Thankyou

by Jill Ackerman

My dad’s the coolest

by Rosie smith & bruce whatley

Never touch a shark

by Rosie greening

Jake & the never land pirates

by Paragon books

Big bad bunny

by Melanie Joyce

Me and moo

by P crumble Nathaniel eckstrom

Don’t call me bear

by Aaron blabey

Red plane to the Rescue

by Melissa firth & Cheryl orsini

I’m a September birthday boy

by Heath McKenzie


by Copyright

What if everybody did that?

by Ellen javernick

I’m an October birthday boy.

by Heath McKenzie

There is a monster on my holiday who farts.

by Tim Miller + Matt Stanton

I just couldn’t wait to meet you.

by Kate Ritchie

Finding dory

by Paragon books

Follow that tiger

by Melanie Joyce

If I were the Easter bunny

by Louise Gardner

Three Billy Goats Gruff

by Nick page

Sleep, little pup

by Jo Parry

The Wonky Donkey

by Craig Smith

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Cobyn Robson



Good on you Cobyn, we are proud of you little man. Love from the Steads xx




Kay Klabuzai

Well done Cobyn


Kellie G

Great work little dude.





Good work Cobes


Jo Gathercole

Congratulations on reading so many books already! Well done!!


Cobyn Robson



Your such a caring boy Cobyn. Well done


Warren Irvine

Well done Cobyn your a legend


Georgina Gavin

Well done champ!


Vicki Troughton Downing

Good work Cobyn, love Nanny x


Denise Stone

Well done Cobyn 😁


Marg Frost

Well done Cobyn from Frosty’s mum. X


Lee Morton

Reading is a great thing to do Cobyn keep it up mate


Beth Glendenning

Love you beautiful boy wish you all the best xox luv Nanny Beth


Daniel Byers

Let's Go COBZ




Mr711 Pty Ltd

Cobyn you’re a little legend. NFWAR.


Nel Connor

Reading makes you better at spelling. Well done try your best.


Skye Robson

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