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My grandma knows three people with MS and they are all siblings in 1 family. My teacher has a friend with MS and recommended to do the challenge.

I've read 12 books

Minecraft annual 2017

by Mojang

Minecraft medivea fortress

by Mojang

Diary of a minecraft Creeper

by Pixel Kid and Zack Zombie

Minecraft guide to: Creative

by Mojang

Minecraft guide to: The nether and the end

by Mojang

MINECRAFT guide to: PVP minigames

by Mojang

MINECRAFT Guide to :Exploration

by Mojang

Minecraft Guide to: Redstone

by Mojang

Trayaurus and the enchanted crystal

by Dan TDM

HEROBRINE goes to school

by Zack Zombie

Guide to: Enchantments & Potions

by Mojang

PopularMMOs presents A Hole New World

by Pat and Jen

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Good job


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Well done Kai


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