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Darcy Cashen

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Darcy - Reading for Pa

I am going to read my books so the doctors can help people like Pa get better. 
My favourite books are about animals (especially dinosaurs).

My Books Coming Soon

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kristy Lysaght


Monique Lewis

Good work D! I can’t wait to hear about all the adventures you read about xxxxx


Sophie Acott


Nicky Parry-leahy


Reon Cashen




Sonia Lumber

Enjoy your reading Darcy & hope this helps people with MS like Pa


Tiffany Loeve

Good luck Darcy. Pa must be so proud x


Penny Nulty

Well done Darcy. You are an inspiration


Luci, David, Harvey & Henry

We’re so proud of you, Darc. You’re such a gorgeous & caring little boy. 💚


Donna Pollock


Catherine Farlow

Good work Darcy! Im sure Pa will be very proud of you 😘


Rochelle Cashen

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