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Edith Ghaby

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

The MS Readathon starts on 1 August.
We started with a $100 fundraising target and that was achieved on the morning of day 1 so we increased it to $250 and that was achieved by the afternoon of day 1!
We are so grateful, so the question is, how high can we go?
Thank you for your support! stay tuned to see the books we will read during the MS Readathon :)

My Books Coming Soon

Thank you to my Sponsors



Good job Edie!!!


Jason Ghaby


Nancy Castillon


Nanna & Nonno

Good job Blah Blah! We are so proud of you helping to raise money for such an important cause. Happy reading. We love you xxx


Lisa P

Go Edie!!!


Nick Hemel


Lulu & Tati Begic

Great Work Edie!!



Congrats Banana for doing your first readathon! Bubba used to do these when she was little as well and I loved it. Love you xxxxx

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