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Elijah Periera

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Gembrook Primary School

I've raised 667.76%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

This is my first time doing the MS readathon, I decided to sign up to the MS Readathon as my mum was diagnosed with MS 6 weeks ago. I want to do everything I can to help my Mum and make her better.

I've read 40 books

I Go, Go, Go

by Jillian Cutting

The Birthday Party

by Jillian Cutting

Huggles can Juggle

by Joy Cowley

I Am...

by Jillian Cutting

I can fly

by Joy Cowley

Huggles goes away

by Joy Cowley

This Little Bird

by Jay Dale

My favourite Sport Soccer

by Nancy Streza

Disaster Zone- Tornadoes

by Cari Meister

The Hungry Snowman

by Brixmax Books

Amandas Dinosaur

by Wendy Orr

My Dad is A pirate

by YoYo books

Friends of our world

by A&A Todorovski

if your cheeky and you know it

by P.Crumble and Chris kennett

The very noisy bear

by Nick Bland

Cat ninja Book 1: the silent master of Cat Fu

by Matthew Cody

Cant Ninja Tales- Lyin, the witch and the wardrobe

by Jadzia Axelrod

Try Again Sally Jane

by Mary Diestel-Feddersen

Give me half

by Stuart J Murphy

There a big green frog in the toilet

by Anh Do

Dinosaur Dump

by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

Captain Underpants & the perilous plot of professor poopypants

by Dav Pilkey

Perfect Man

by Troy Wilson

Catninja Tales

by Colleen AF Venable

Fire Trucks

by Chris Bowman

Fox Kits

by Genevieve Nilsen


by Lisa Wheeler

How do dinosaurs say goodnight?

by Jane Yolen


by Alan Walker

Gray Wolves

by Christina Leaf


by Andrea Rivera

Shoo Fly Guy

by Todd Arnold

Cat Kid Comic Club

by Dav Pilkey

Can you see the eggs?

by Jenny Giles

Oceans Monsters

by Natalie Lunis

Clever Happy Monkey

by Joy Cowley

Red Animals

by Teddy Borth

Skydiving dogs

by Meish Goldish

Brown Bears

by Victoria Marcos

Ox and Fox Fix the six

by Elizabeth Love and Sue Reilly

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Hazel && Delilah

Your the best big brother! Great Job, we are really proud of you! Love Hazel and Delilah xoxox


Vikki Furnival

Your doing great Elijah! Love Aunty Vikki and Uncle Andy xxx


Lauren Kennedy


Jemma Periera


Hollie Robinson

Good luck Elijah!


Aimee Higgins

Great job Eli


Jessica Fergusson

You are doing a great job!


Kylie Prus

Go Eli! Making your mum so proud.


Erin Brennan

All the best for your reading!


Jess Vander Reyden

Great work guys, I know this has turned your world upside-down. Love to you all xox


Kirsty Bell


Angela Davis

Great job :)




Sasha Colvin

Keep up the reading little man & know you're making a difference in the world. All the best


Alex Sergeant

Amazing work Elijah!! Keep up the reading! I am sure your mummy is so Proud!


Mia And Layla Kennedy

Keep reading for your incredible Mum Eli. We are so proud of you. Xxxx


Elly & Michael Balog

Awesome job buddy. Keep up the amazing reading.


Michelle Pete Jack Luke Tilly

Well done Elijah Happy reading


Rachael Davies


Brodie Dixon

Well done Eli! Can’t wait to see how you go ☺️


Michael Periera


Tash Umair


Scott Blease


Wendy Twaddle

Enjoy reading as many books as you can. You can have lots of adventures and learn lots if interesting things in the pages of books Elijah.


Tamara Adrian Thomas & Alix

Good Luck Elijah im sure you will do great xo


Jemma Periera

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