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Emily Adcock

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Thank you!

Hi Guys,
Thanks for visiting Emi’s  page!
She’s looking forward to giving her new glasses a workout when she reads 20 books in August!
Our Nanny Wheels was diagnosed years ago so we think it’s a great charity to support.
You guys have been soooo generous that we’ve decided to up her goal to $700! Make that $1000!
Thanks again,
Claire and Emi Adcock xo

My Books Coming Soon

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mama Adcock

Congratulations Noopy 🥳🥳🥳


Barry Blyth

I knew you could do it. Excellent result. Go Girl Love Baz


Sue Naismith

I am so proud of you Emily! Keep up the reading- it provides such knowledge for life!



Well done Emily!


Audrey Williams

Happy reading, good luck...x


Sue Kish

Enjoy reading those books Emily. Love and best wishes from Sue Kish


Poppy Adcock

Go Emily!


Hall Family

fantastic effort Emily keep up the good work


Lisa Adcock


Marty Fink

Good luck Em...... I’m sure you smash it and exceed your goal 👍



So proud of the cause and effort you are putting into this. Soldairity ❤


Big Nan


Peter Wallington

Well Done Emily, have fun!! Love Pete, Corinne, Evie & Liam (all the way over in the UK)


Emma Guthrie


Marianne Mackay

Go Em I am very proud of your effort xx


Aunty Bucket


Kimberley Lloyd

Way to go Emily!


Roger Bynion

You go girl.p.s. Loved your glasses. Love always, Wodge & Deb.


Elizabeth Collins

Enjoy your stories, make your own by living life - mostly OUTSIDE!! Xx


Mim Dineen

Happy reading Emmy


Nicole Willis

Go Em! Happy reading!


Jenny & Paul Bynion


Alicia Cambridge

Great work Emily!


Barry Blyth

For every book over 20 you read, we'll add $5! Go Emily!


Kim Preece

Happy reading!!


Alyssa & Jorja

Great cause 😘 Happy reading gorgeous girl 🌟


Emily Adcock


Mavis And Geoff Wallington

Good luck Emmy, Have fun reading them. 👍😊📕📖📗📘📚



Happy Reading Em xx


Rebecca Suhr


Roger Thornton

Good luck Em! Lots of love. Roger and Joy


Melissa Dawson

Good luck & have fun reading all thoes books 😊😊😊



Enjoy the adventures Emily !


Melissa Owen

Good luck Em 😍

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