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Emily Adcock

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Thank you!

Hi Guys,
Thanks for visiting Emi’s  page!
She’s looking forward to giving her new glasses a workout when she reads 20 books in August!
Our Nanny Wheels was diagnosed years ago so we think it’s a great charity to support.
You guys have been soooo generous that we’ve decided to up her goal to $700!
Thanks again,
Claire and Emi Adcock xo

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Emma Guthrie


Marianne Mackay

Go Em I am very proud of your effort xx


Aunty Bucket


Kimberley Lloyd

Way to go Emily!


Roger Bynion

You go girl.p.s. Loved your glasses. Love always, Wodge & Deb.


Elizabeth Collins

Enjoy your stories, make your own by living life - mostly OUTSIDE!! Xx


Mim Dineen

Happy reading Emmy


Nicole Willis

Go Em! Happy reading!


Jenny & Paul Bynion


Alicia Cambridge

Great work Emily!


Barry Blyth

For every book over 20 you read, we'll add $5! Go Emily!


Kim Preece

Happy reading!!


Alyssa & Jorja

Great cause 😘 Happy reading gorgeous girl 🌟


Emily Adcock


Mavis And Geoff Wallington

Good luck Emmy, Have fun reading them. 👍😊📕📖📗📘📚



Happy Reading Em xx


Rebecca Suhr


Roger Thornton

Good luck Em! Lots of love. Roger and Joy


Melissa Dawson

Good luck & have fun reading all thoes books 😊😊😊



Enjoy the adventures Emily !


Melissa Owen

Good luck Em 😍

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