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Ethan Turner

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Toowoomba Christian College

I've read 47 books

Pest Troubles

by Thomas Wieringa

The Treehouse Song Book

by Andy Griffiths

Madam Know-It-All's Believe-It-Or-Not Book

by Andy Griffiths

Andy and Terry's Amazing Inventions

by Andy Griffiths

The 13-Storey Treehouse

by Andy Griffiths

The Case of the Red-Bottomed Robber!

by Richard Byrne

Bill the Postman and the Birthday Card Bandits

by Andy Griffiths

Silky the Flying Cat

by Andy Griffiths

Andy and Terry's Little Treehouse Tour

by Andy Griffiths

Inspector Bubblewrapper's DOs and DON'Ts

by Andy Griffiths

The Flying Dot

by Andy Griffiths

Terry and the Tooth Fairy

by Andy Griffiths

The Story of the Ninja Snails

by Andy Griffiths

The Treehouse Alphabet Book

by Andy Griffiths

The Thingumajig Book of Health and Safety

by Irene Keller

Barky the Barking Dog

by Andy Griffiths

Grug at the Beach

by Ted Prior

Killer Custard

by Steve Barlow, Steve Skidmore

Terry and the Magic Bean

by Andy Griffiths

Elephant on a Bicycle

by Andy Griffiths

Prince Fly Guy

by Tedd Arnold

Practice Being Godly

by Colin Buchanan

Super Saviour

by Colin Buchanan

The Lion King Read-Along Book and CD

by Adapted by Jane Schonberger

Sultan, the Bravest Tiger of Them All

by Disney

Beauty, the Pretty Kitty Who Loves to Sleep

by Disney

WeirDo #6 Crazy Weird!

by Anh Do

Captain Woodenhead the wooden-headed pirate

by Andy Griffiths

The Book That Never Ends

by Beck and Matt Stanton


by Beck and Matt Stanton

The Red Book

by Beck and Matt Stanton

Did you take the B from my _ook?

by Beck and Matt Stanton

This is a ball

by Beck and Matt Stanton

I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit

by Pamela Allen

London Calling. Adam Sharp #2

by George Edward Stanley

Fire! Dragon Knight

by Kyle Mewburn

Home for Christmas

by Garry Fleming

Birthdays Around the World

by Lisa Weir

Traffic Light Rap

by Jill McDougall

The Gruffalo

by Julia Donaldson


by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Superhero Dad

by Timothy Knapman

Bob the bird

by Andrew McDonough

The Stroogle Sails the Seven Seas

by Dr Cameron Stelzer

A lion in the night

by Pamela Allen

Do not open this book

by Andy Lee

Night Night, Groot

by Brendan Deneen

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Mum And Dad

We are proud of the effort you have put into doing this year's MS Readathon! Well done Ethan!


Maisie Sandford


Tyler Sankey

Great work for a good cause Ethan!




Julie Turner


Joshua Lyndon

Reading is awesome! Have fun.


Amanda Roden

We are so proud of you Ethan - what an amazing thing you’re doing by helping others.


Rebecca Turner

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