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Evelyn Linczmaier

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Close to our hearts. Every dollar counts <3 

I've read 6 books

The Rainbow Fish

by Marcus Pfister

Sleep Little Pup

by Jo Parry

Wreck it Ralph

by Disney

Too Clumsy to Climb

by Lisa Regan

Frozen 2: Deluxe Edition Movie Collection

by Disney

The Magic Trampoline & The Smelly Penguin Poop-house

by Kieren Fitz-Gibbon

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Ryker Barbera


Miranda &paul Macintyre




Vicky Catherine Lynn

Good luck, awesome cause


Glen Mosedale


Frances Bush

For Corey Taafe and all sufferers. Best wishes for your readathon .


Sue Logan


Rhonda Piani


Danielle Clements


Sandy Mcgowan


Michael Packer


Kathleen Taafe


Angela Packet


Elliot Grierson


Meg Mosedale


Sandra Heywood

Close to our hearts in the family. A fantastic course


Renae & Corey Taafe

Thank you so much. We appreciate this more than you could know. Such a great cause. xx


Deana Mosedale


Corrina Dunn


Shannon Fitzgerald

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