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Gracie Sawyer

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've read 73 books

pearl the happy unicorn

by sally odgers

thelma the unicorn

by aaron blabey

a hara and a hound

by mousey brown

pig the start

by aaron blabyey

pig the winner

by aaron blabey

greta thunberg

by anke weckman

litttle people big dreams bob dylan

by isabel sanchex vegara

david attenborough

by mikyo noh

brooke the photographer fairy

by daisy meadows

coco the cupcake fairy

by daisy meadows

Cinderellas royal wedding

by x

princess ponies:a magical friend

by chloe ryder

sophie the awsome

by larga bergen

the rescue princess; The silver locket

by paula harrison

princesses volume one

by Jill groves

zoo school

by heath mckenzie

claris the chicist mouse in paris

by megan hess

the very noisy bear

by nick bland

excuse me

by holly ife


by emma mccam

baby wombats week

by jackie french

babar guide to paris

by laruent de brunhoff

pearl:the magical unicron

by sally odgers

ella and olivia:best friend showdown

by yvette poshoglian

princess ponies:a magical friend

by chloe ryder

the return of thelma the unicorn


zoe's rescue zoo:the puzzled penguin.

by amelia cobb

Great Aunty Gertrude and the handbag thief

by hannie truijens

Not in a thousand years

by louise schofield

The Secret Cupboard

by Quentin Flynn

Brian the smelly bear

by Mark Chambers

Little People Big Dreams David Bowie

by isabel Sanchex Vegara

This is a ball

by beck and matt stanton


by beck & Matt Stanton


by Emma Mccann

Dont Tell Lies Lucy

by Phil Cox

Dont Be Greedy Graham

by Phil Cox

My Ballet Dream

by Adele Geras & Shellagh McNicholas

Go girl the big split

by Rowan Mcauley

I need a wee

by Sue Hendra & paul Linnet

Give that back jack

by Phil Cox

Little People Big Dreams Emmeline Pankhurst

by Lisbeth Kaiser

Little People Big Dreams Mahatma Gandhi

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Little People Big Dreams - Jane Austin

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Ella Diaries Diary Disaster

by Meredith Costain

Zoes Rescue Zoo the Cuddly Koala

by Amelia Cobb

Ella Diaries Passion for Fashion

by Meredith Costain

Little People Big Dreams Audrey Hepburn

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Little People Big Dreams Coco Chanel

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Little People Big Dreams Stephen Hawking

by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Pig the Fibber

by Aaron Blabey

pig the grub

by Aaron Blabey

claris the chicest mouse in paris fashion show fiasco

by Megan Hess

Claris the chicist mouse in paris

by Megan Hess

Unicorn Princess Moon Dance

by Emilu Bliss

emmeline pankhurst

by Lisbeth Kaiser

dont tell lies lucy

by phil roxbee cox

dont be greedy Graham

by phil roxbee cox

give that back Jack

by phil roxbee cox

anna liza and the happy practise


judy moody

by megan mcdonld

unicorn prinsses moons dance

by Emily Bliss

unicorn prinsses sun-beams shine

by Emily Bliss

my ballet dream

by adele geras

I need a wee

by Sue hendra

bully buster

by sally rippin

Ella Diarys Diary Disaster

by Meredith costain

the big split

by rowan mcauley

pig the winner

by aaron blabey

pig the tourist

by aaron blabey

pig the star

by aaron blabey

do not open this book

by andy lee

Sharon keep your hair on

by gillian rubinstein

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Gracie’s Future Husband

You are one amazing and talented girl!!


Catherine Arnfield


Stephanie C


Roger Sawyer



Read on


Scott Hart

Go Gracie 😀


Simon & Nat Leonow

You go Gracie girl, we love you lots, Uncle Si & Aunty Natty xxxxx


Campbell Nunn

Awesome job on the reading - good luck with getting to your goal for this good cause.



Read on Gracie- well done!


Tony Meegan

Well done Gracie!


Paul Stewart


Kieran Weinert


Jenny Mills

Enjoy all your books Gracie Well done !


Kym Bills

Well done Gracie in helping a great cause. Keep up the good work!


Jo,matt And Hannah Taylor

Go Gracie!


Ryan & Jordana O'sullivan

Well done Gracie, keep up the great work!! The chickens say hi!!!


Lindsay Andreasen

Hi Gracie. This is fantastic and you can be really proud of your efforts and discovering the joy of reading.


Jake Butler

Awesome work!! Keep reading as much as you can


Matt Farmer

Good on you Gracie!


Carolyn Fullgrabe

Good luvk with your fund raising Gracie


Ari And Mali Nakkour


Courtney Sawyer

Well done Gracie! So proud of you 🥰


Emma Mariu


Clare Anderson

Read girl read!!



Go you good thing! From a family of readers! We love you Gracie and know that you will smash this!!


Kate Naish

Go Gracie! So proud of you xx


Gracie Sawyer

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