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Hamish Proctor

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 688.56%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

Thank you for your help

I'm doing the readathon to help the people with MS like my Nana Nean- Hamish

I've read 64 books

A New School for Megan

by Jenny Giles

Making a Clown Pinata

by Heather Hammonds

Moppet on the Run

by Jenny Giles


by Mark Greenwood

The Bear and the Bees

by Annette Smith

A New School for Megan

by Jenny Giles


by Heather Hammonds

Rabbit and Coyote

by Dawn McMillan

Ninja Kid 8

by Anh Do

How to Catch a Star

by Oliver Jeffers

King of the Birds

by Dawn McMillan

A New Friend

by Carmel Reilly

Rex Plays Fetch

by Julie Haydon

A Bike for Brad

by Stephen Harrison

George's Marvellous Medicine

by Roald Dahl

Don't Call Me Bear

by Aaron Blabey

Monkey Puzzle

by Julia Donaldson

The Smeds and The Smoos

by Julia Donaldson

Colour My World

by Jenni Lim

Mr Chicken arriva a Roma

by Leigh Hobbs

The echidna and the shade tree

by Mona Green


by Jo Windsor

Big Machines On Rails

by Eli Thompson

A Stack of Alpacas

by Matt Cosgrove

The 13-Storey Treehouse

by Terry Denton

Pam's Runners

by Sally Cole


by Eli Francis

In The Middle of the Night

by Joy Cowley

The Hare and the Tortoise

by Mairi Mackinnon

Mighty Mac

by Wilbert Awdry

Bird Watching

by Heather Hammonds

Lost In The Jungle

by Roderick Hunt

Smelly Nellie

by Jill McDougall

Pickles and the Very Large Fly

by Carmel Reilly

Jordan's Catch

by Jenny Giles

Meg's Eggs

by Helen Nicoll

The Princess and the Pea

by Hans Christian Andersen

The Seatbelt Song

by Jenny Giles

The Day the Crayons Quit

by Drew Daywalt

Little and Big

by Judy Hindley

Lara's Team

by Shilo Berry

Grandad's Mask

by Annette Smith

The Princess and the Pea

by Debbie Croft

Wet Weather Camping

by Dawn McMillan

The Seat Belt Song

by Jenny Giles

The Secret of Spooky House

by Joy Cowley

All The Science You Need To Know By Age 7

by Katie Daynes

My Brave Teddy Bear

by Tandi Jackson


by Joy Cowley

Dan and the Parrot

by Joy Cowley

The Magic Hat

by Mem Fox

Spot's Baby Sister

by Eric Hill

The Treasure Chest

by Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta

The ABC Kids Book Of Food

by Helen Martin

Spot's Tummy Ache

by Eric Hill

Grug and the Bushfire

by Ted Prior

Mulgar Bills Bicycle

by A. B. Patterson

Winnie the Pooh meets Gopher

by A A Milne

Clyde the Otter

by Dot Meharry

Dreadful David

by Sally Farrell Odgers and Craig Smith

Monster and the Magic Umbrella

by Ellen Blance & Ann Cook

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

by Aaron Blabey

The secret of Spooky House

by Joy Cowley

Clive Eats Alligators

by Alison Lester

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Thiri Tun

You are a superstar Hamish ❤️ Well done 👏


Jeremy Bretherton

Great stuff on the growing pile of read books Hamish! You're doing such a great job fundraising as well you should be very proud! Love Jem, Sash and Sly




Stefan Kiefer

Good on ya for reading to our beloved Nean. All the best from the west.


Jacqui Sturgess

Amazing work Hamish!!






Jillian Patton

Well done Hamish ❤️


Sandy Chamberlin

Great work Hamish!!


The Parsons Family

Good job Hamish


Tania Hunter

Nana Nean was so happy to hear you read. She is still talking about it today. Well done!


The Pattons

Awesome job Ham Bam! We love you to bits x


Jd And Harris Mclean

Great work Hamish!


Chris Candy

Great work Hamish



Amazing effort Hamish!


Auntie Terri

Go Ham!!




Thiri Tun


Mcdonald Family

Well done Hamish such a beautiful thing your doing keep up the good work xo


Joanne Marks

Great stuff Hamish!


Megan Egan

Good job Hamish!! Love your work :)


Trish Cahill

Well done Hamish on supporting Nanna Nean and this important cause. Happy reading mate!


Claire Proctor

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