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Hannah Turner

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Toowoomba Christian College

I've read 33 books

Three Little Mice in Trouble

by Jenny Giles

Sam's Haircut

by Annette Smith

Growing Strawberries

by Sara Oldfield

The Case of the Red-Bottomed Robber

by Richard Byrne

Little Chimp and the Termites

by Beverley Randell

Bayou, the Little Pony Who loves to Prance

by Disney

Treasure, the Kitten Who Loves the Sea

by Disney

Blondie, the Little Point with the Big Dream

by Disney

Oh Dear!

by Rod Campbell

Grug at the beach

by Ted Prior

Going Swimming

by Anna Porter

Teacup and Petit Have Fun in the Forest

by Disney

Pumpkin, a Puppy For for a Princess

by Disney

Berry, the Sweetest Bunny of Them All

by Disney

Beauty, the Pretty Kitty Who Loves to Sleep

by Disney

Practice Being Godly

by Colin Buchanan

Super Saviour

by Colin Buchanan

Prince Fly Guy

by Tedd Arnold

The Lion King Read-Along Book and CD

by Adapted by Jane Schonberger

Hide and Cheat

by Shoo Rayner

Terry and the Magic Bean

by Andy Griffiths

Grug Learns to Read

by Ted Prior

Elephant on a Bicycle

by Andy Griffiths

Did you take the B from my _ook?

by Beck and Matt Stanton

This is a ball

by Beck and Matt Stanton

Don't tell anyone, but...

by Susie Linn

Babysitter Bunga (The Lion Guard)

by Elise Allen

Birthdays Around the World

by Lisa Weir

Traffic Light Rap

by Jill McDougall

Bob the bird

by Andrew McDonough

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (abridged version)

by Roald Dahl


by Julie Clayden

The very long nose of Jonathan Jones

by Max Fatchen

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Mum And Dad

We are proud of the effort you have made in this year's MS Readathon. You are becoming a great reader!


Maisie Sandford


Chloe Sankey

Doing great Hannah!




Julie Turner


Joshua Lyndon

Reading is awesome! Have fun.


Nathan Mandy Roden

Go Hannah well done


Hannah Turner

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