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Harley Brookes

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

lets read ?

Harley is a champion 7yo that has a passion and talent for reading! We’re going to put his skills to use in the MS READATHON and help with an amazing cause that affects so many! 

I've read 16 books

Captain underpants #1

by Dav pikey

The ratcatcher

by Miles Kelly

King Arthur’s spaceship

by Leo hartas

The worse band in the universe

by Graham base

Lilo and stitch

by Disney

Space jam

by Joan ferrigno

The eleventh hour

by Graham base

5 minute Spider-Man stories

by David roe

Pig the fibber

by Aaron blabey

Pop up facts about dinosaurs

by Ken Finn

I can read with my eyes shut

by Dr.seuss

Maze of doom

by George ivanoff

The big fat cow that goes kapow

by Andy Griffiths

The bad guys

by Aaron blabey


by Annie Auerbach

Snot my day

by Lisa regan

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Vickie Gurr




Sharon Bishop



Go Harleyson, legend!


Heather Morris


Michael Reaney






Kate Meier


Tiana Mckerrow


Carol Harding


Paula Morris

Happy reading Bug


Sam Walker



Keep it up little man! You’ve got this!


Uncle Tim

Keep reading, build Lego


Xavier & Blake Bassett

Great work Harley. We love books too.


Monica And Andrew Kerr

Good Luck Harley!


Lily & Nonna

You are a champion reader Harley


George & Wendy Stubbs

We hope you have a great experience Harley and smash your target!


Sam Stubbs


Pat Stubbs


Heather Morris


Jess Courtney

Good luck Harley!!


Sharnah Gibson


Connor Brookes

Love you buddy ❤️


Charlotte Fraser-cole

Best of luck Harley!


Daneka Brookes

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