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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 330 books

The day war came

by Nicola Davies

Reindeers Christmas Surprise

by Ursula Dubosarsky

Mine mine mine! Said the porcupine

by Alex English

Fuzzy Inside & Out

by Zachariah Ohora


by Chris Owen

Bobs Blue period

by Marion Denchars

Unicorn ? night sleep tight

by Diana Murray

One little goat

by Andrew Joyner

Greta and the Giants

by Zoe Persico

The legend of Rock Paper Scissors

by Drew Daywalt

It’s Christmas

by Tracey Corderoy

The race for the Chinese zodiac

by Gabrielle wang

Freddie the fly Motormouth

by Kimberley Delude

The bad guys episode 15

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys Episode 12

by Aaron Blabey

Construction site road crew, coming through!

by Sherri Duskey

Graham’s got the grumps

by P crumble

Bedtime is boring

by David Campbell

Mr Huff

by Anna Walker


by Doreen Cronin

Good dog

by Cori doerrfeld

Leo Nd the octopus

by Isabelle marinon

Good Dog

by Cori Doerrfeld

Just Itzy

by Lana Krumwiede

The big trip

by Alex willmore

Big bunny

by Rowboat Watkins

Say Cheese

by Frances Watts

Bulldozer Dreams

by Sharon Chrissie

Farmer Duck

by Martin Waddell


by Simon Bertram

Crane Guy a game of I spy from up high

by Sally Sutton

The fox and the goat

by Jeffrey L Williams

A dog named Doug

by Karma Wilson

Tick tick tick toc what’s up croc

by Kim Michelle toft

Gary’s banana drama

by Jane massey

Whose laughing

by Eva-Marie Welsh

Cranky Frankie and the oceans of trash

by Dr Susie Starfs


by Jennifer sharp

Diary of a minecraft zombie - curse of the stolen diamond

by Zack zombie

Pippa and Dronie

by Paul Mead

The spirit of sound

by Davindee Hart

What’s in your heart today

by Louise blades


by Harriet Evans

The grumpy lighthouse keeper

by Terrizita Corpus

Ragweeds Farm Dog Handbook

by Anne Vittur Kennedy

Glissandea the Glider

by Pamela Galeano

Wallaby in the garden

by Ganga Powell

The Butterfly Within

by Natalie, Layla and Scarlett Drake

Cooking with rabbit

by Jill Atkins

Elliot and the drainpipe kids

by Judith McKinnon

Can you see what I see

by Walter Wick

When I see Red

by Britta Teckentrup

The Brave Bear

by Sean Taylor

Don’t let the pigeon drive the drive

by Mo Willems

Feeling Angry a kids guide to coping with anger

by Susie Williams

Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in between

by Bryan Mollonie

Jingle bells, what’s that smell?

by Deano Yipadee

Under the water

by Charles Porta

Time for school

by Pink frog

This story is for you

by Greg Pizzoli

Definitely do not open this book

by Andy Lee

Are you there little owl

by Essi Kimpimaki

We’re going on an egg hunt

by Laura Hughes

If animals tried to be kind

by Ann Whitfield Paul

Te three little pigs

by Jo Parry

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter


by Polly Dunbar

The night before Christmas

by Clement c Moore

Picture Atlas

by Usborne

Bedtime stories February

by Disney

Daddy Hug

by Tim warned

See the cat - three stories about a dog

by David LaRochelle

Black panther

by Marvel verse

The 78 storey treehouse

by Andy Griffith

The 13 story treehouse

by Andy Griffith

Batman 5 minute stories

by DC Comics

Splatoon 5

by Sankichi Hinodeya

Diary of a minecraft zombie book 26

by Zack Zombie

Diary of a minecraft zombie book 17

by Zack Xombie

The night dragon

by Naomi howarth


by James foley

Ocean animals sharks

by Emma bossier

Don’t call me grumpycorn

by Sarah McIntyre

Brobit bedtime

by Sudipta bardhan-qualms

The very hungry bear

by Nick bland


by Sophie Gilmore


by Lucinda Gifford

Sheep dog and sheep sheep

by Eric Barclay

Rabbit Rabbit Robot

by Victoria MacKinlay

Dogs in disguise

by Peter Bentley

Love is a handful of honey

by Giles Andrae

Is bear here?

by Jonathan Bentley

The night before The night before Christmas

by Kes Gray

The bat can bat

by A book of true homonyms

Weirdo Hopping Weird 12

by Ahn Do

Diary of a minecraft zombie book Book 12

by Zack Zombie

Diary of a minecraft zombie book 13

by Zack zombie

Diary of a minecraft zombie book 18

by Zack Zombie

Squidge Dibley destroys the school

by Mick Elliott

Squished Dibley destroys everything

by Mick Elliott

Sky Dragon book 2 fly free

by Ahn Do

Star lord no where to run

by Marvel books

In with a splash

by Karen Sapp

Boys don’t dance

by Rowena Cory Lindquist

Cocky Colin

by Richard Tulloch

Baby Bilby and the wildcat

by Lyndal Stavrou

Rabbits Hop

by Alex dance

The fire wombat

by Jackie French

No way Yirrikipayi!

by Alison Lester

Shhh! little Mouse

by Pamela Allen

Rainbow Bear

by Stephen Michael king

The very long sleep

by Polly Noakes

The night before Christmas

by Kes Gray

Bear and chicken

by Jannie Ho

Timmy the terribly tired tiger cub

by Kristina Cole

I love you now and forever

by Dawn Casey

The love that grew

by Sarah Ayoub


by Kelly DiPucchio


by Celia Krampien

The Advenures of Hilda the witch

by Laura Van see breggen

Clancy the Quokka

by Lili Wilkinson

Going to the volcano

by Andy Stanton

The Night before Christmas

by Clement C Moore

The Grinnt Granny Donkey

by Craig Smith

Graces mystery seed

by Juliet M Sampson

Hedgehog holidays

by Ruth GREEN


by Lynn Jenkins

The greatest mistakes that went right

by Mandy Mara

Giraffes can’t dance

by Giles Andreae

Hello Hotdog

by Lily Murray

Anzac and the story of a little goat

by Jacque Duffy

Slug in love

by Rachel Bright


by Kelly Dipucchio


by Margaret Wild

Diary of a wombat

by Bruce Wheatley

Dog man and cat kid

by Dav Pilkey

Bedtime sorted

by Jimmy Rees

Wee? It wasn’t me

by Clare Helen Welsh

The return of Sproutzilla

by Tom Jamieson

Bigger than you

by Hyewon Kyung

A bedtime story - a story about sharing

by Penny Harris

The littlest yak

by Lu Fraser

Pig the pug

by Aaron Blabey

Raymond the raccoon misses his friends

by Jesse Hewitt


by Jenny Offill

Click, Clavk, Moo. Cows that type

by Doreen Cronin

Captain Underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman

by Dav Pilkey

See inside how things work

by Conrad Mason

Santa gram

by Sophie Masson

Zac power spy recruit

by H I Larry

Marvel verse Black panther

by Marvel

Dog man a tale of two kitties

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man and Cat Kid

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man Mothering Heoghts

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man For Whom the ball rolls

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man unleashed

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man Brawl of the wild

by Dav Pilkey

The Dragon Hunters

by James Russell

Dog Man, A Tale of Two Coties

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man

by Dav Pilkey

Dog Man Fetch 22

by Dav Pilkey

Family Superpower

by Michael Dahl

I am a sensible gibbon

by Will Mabbitt

The fog

by Kyo Maclear

Where the giant sleeps

by Men fox

D-Bot Squad Sky High

by Mac Park

Dr Strange mystery of the dark magic

by Marvel

The Bad Guys Episode 2

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys Episode 6

by Aaron Blabey

Spider-Man Doctor Octopus Out if Recah

by Marvel

The cat in the hat

by Dr Seuss

Wonky donkeys big surprise

by Craig smith

Tiger Tiger

by Jonny Lambert

Pigeon PI

by Meg McLaren

The story of Growl

by Judy Horace

Dinosaur Day Out

by Sara Acton

Home in the sky

by Jeannie Baker

The book of gold

by Bob stake

Little Doctor and the Fearless Beast

by Sophie Gilmore

The last Kappa of Old Japan

by Sunny Seki

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

by JK Rowling

Chilly Da Vinci

by JRutland

The bad guys episode 11

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys episode 3

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys episode 10

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys episode 4

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys episode 5

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys episode 14

by Aaron Blabey

Star Wars the clone wars What is a sitch warrior

by Glenn Damon

Star Wars Jedi academy return of the Palawan

by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars Jedi Academy

by Jeffrey Brown

The bad guys episode 1

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys episode 9

by Aaron Blabey

Family is a superpower

by Michale Dahl

The king of nothing

by Guridi

Meerkat Splash

by Aura Parker

The mighty Thor

by Marvel

The courageous captain America

by Marvel

We found a cat

by Heidi McKinnon

The invincible iron man - an origin story

by Marvel

The Bad Guys

by Aaron Blabey

The mighty avengers - an origin story

by Marvel

The amazing Spider-Man - an Origin Story

by Marvel

Avengers Battle against Ultron

by Marvel

The Incredible Hulk - An Origin Story

by Marvel

The Uncanny X-Men an origin story

by marvel

Madeline Fin. & the library dog

by Lisa Papp

The cow that swam out to sea

by Pamela Rushby


by Jonathan Bentley

Iguanas Bananas

by Lesley Sims

The Bad Guys 7

by Aaron Blabey

Do Not Open this book ever

by Andy Lee

Yuko-Chan and then Daruma Doll

by Sunny Seki

Horton and the Kwuggerbug

by Dr Seuss

In the deep end

by Charlie Thomson

The last stop on the Reindeer Express

by Karl James Mountford

Mouses big day

by Lydia Monks

I was made for you

by David Lucas

When I’m feeling happy

by Trace Moroney

When I’m feeling scared

by Trace Moroney

The Wolf who learned self control

by Orianne Lallemand

The Snow Lion

by Jim Helmore & Richard Jones

My dad thinks he’s funny

by Katrina Germein

The battle

by Angling Kwok

Do you know what I am?

by Chad Geran

Super kitty

by Hannah whitty

Watermelon madness

by Taghreed Najjar

Alpacas with maracas

by Matt Cosgrove

Pirate Girl

by Molly Rogers

Dear Zoo

by Rod Campbell


by Narelle Oliver

10 Bush babies

by Grace Nolan


by Nicki Greenberg

An Aussie Day before Christmas

by Kilkenny Niland

Pip & Pete’s Antarctic Adventure

by Martine Allars

Bye, Penguin

by Seou Lee

The frightened scarecrow

by Alan horsfield

Poojos got wheels

by charrow

Koalas like to ….

by Shae Millward

Frankie and the fossil

by Jess McGeachin

Daily Bread

by Alan Horsfield

Don’t be a Bully, Billy

by Phil Roxbee Cox

This book is out of control

by Richard Byrne

Smug Seagull

by Maddie frost

Explorer dinosaurs?

by Nicholas Forshaw

The Red feather

by Ben kitchen

True or Poo

by Nick Caruso

The Daddy Shop

by Aleesah Darlison

The same but different too

by Karl Newson

Tiger vs Nightmare

by Emily Tetri


by Leila Rudge

I’m a Hero too

by Jamila Rizvi

Drop bear

by The team from Five Mile

T.Rex time machine

by Jared Chapman

The day the crayons came home

by Drew Dalwalt

There’s a pig up my nose

by John Dougherty

Owl Babies

by Martin Waddell

Guess how much I love you

by Sam McBrstney

The Hole Idea

by Beth & Paul MacDonald

We’re going on a bear hunt

by Michael Rosen

The Wrong Book

by Nick Bland

Alexander, who used to be rich last Sunday

by Judith Viorst

Little Red Henry

by Linda Urban

If your monster won’t go to bed

by Denise Vega

Silly Mr Wolf

by Tony Ross

Wombat Stew

by Marcia Vaughan

Messy Molly

by Jo Williamson

Lift the flap questions and answers about dinosaurs

by Usbor e

Incredible but true dinosaurs

by Doiglas Dixon

Childrens encyclopaedia of maths

by Tim Collins

The giants causeway

by Daniel Ferguson

My Grandma Loves me

by Giuliano Gregori

Wake up house

by Dee Lillihard

The bear who never slept

by Lorna Hussey

Old McDonald Had a Farm

by Flying Frog publishing

Little Miss Wise

by Roger Hargreaves

Bugs and Slugs

by Terry Jennings

Little Rabbit Foo Foo

by Michael Rosen

The great adventure

by Joy Cowley

Horton hears a who

by Dr Seuss

Sleep Book

by Dr Seuss

Spider-Man Doctor Octopus out of reach

by Dan Buckley publisher

Did you know you can change the world

by Scott Guerini

Don’t butt in

by Heath McKenzie

Ryan and the Christmas Elves

by Dinkleboo

I had trouble getting to Solla Sollew

by Dr Seuss

Star Wars Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks

by Kerry Milliron

The Very Brave Bear

by Nick Bland

Everything I need to know about Christmas I learned in a little golden book

by Dianne Muldrow

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

by Beatrix Potter

Bluey - The Creek

by Bluey

The mighty Avengers

by A little golden book - marvel

The most scary ghost

by Joy Cowley

Extreme Animals

by Alice Fewery

Hot Lava

by Alice Fewery

And to think. That I saw it on mulberry street

by Dr Seuss

What do you do with a chance

by Kobi Yamada

What do you do with a problem

by Kobi Yamada

What do you do with an idea

by Kobi Yamada

The lost thing

by Shaun Tan

My underpants rule

by Kate and Rod Power

Some Dogs Do

by Jez Alborough

My Tricky Eye Spy

by Kate and Rod Power


by Dan Crisp

Guess How much I love you

by Sam Bratney

I saw Santa in Australia

by J D Green

The very cranky bear

by Nick Bland

Christmas Kitten

by Vivian French & Chris Fisher

Chomp goes to school

by Melissa Mattox & Mark Chambers

Sebastian Lives in a Hat

by Kerry Argent

The Wolf and his shadow

by Miles Kelly

The cat in the hat comes back

by Dr Seuss

Reindeer on Strike

by Holly Lansley

If I ran the circus

by Dr Seuss

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

by Dr Seuss

Cooking with Rabbit

by Jill Atkins

Marvins Wooly mammoth

by Jill Eggleton

The phantom under the streets of Paris

by The phantom under the streets of Paris

Cheeky Charlie

by Ben Redlech

The elf on the shelf

by Carol V Aebersold

Dinosaurs Roar

by Amy Cartwright

First Explorers - Dinosaurs

by Campbell

Dinky Donkey

by Craig Smith

Why should I brush my teeth

by Katie Daynes

Jurassic Poop

by Carrie Hennan

What are germs

by Katie Daynes

The Gruffalo

by Julia Donaldson

Who said Roar

by Hi-Hsuan Wu

The Ugly duckling

by First readers - Livia Coloji

How to annoy Mum

by Dave Hughes & Holly Ife

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Ana Ferraz

Amazing! Keep up the wonderful work <3


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Well done Heath!!! You are absolutely powering through all those books


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Go Heath - great cause!


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Go for it Heath. Have fun reading these books, and you are helping a very good charity. Cheers, mate


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Keep going Heath!! You’re doing so well!!



I am so very proud of you Heath, it is a joy to see how much you enjoy doing what you do, whatever you choose. Keep up the wonderful world of reading


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You can smash this again, Heath!


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Amazing work! Enjoy every story.


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Happy Reading, Heath!!! Keep up the wonderful work x


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Well Done Heath - you're doing an amazing thing for people that face a lot of challenges in everyday life! Thank you!


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Amazing stuff little man! Keep going!!


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What an amazing thing you are doing Heath! Keep up the great work!


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You've read more books in a year than my entire lifetime :) well done Heath, keep up and the good work and what a fantastic cause to be supporting.


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This is amazing, keep up the great work!


Charmaine Apted

Hi Heath! You are an absolute legend! I heard about the hundreds of books you read last year and want you to know you're such an inspiration not only to kids your age but adults too! Keep up the great work and wish you all the best with your MS Readathon conquest this year! You are an absolute star! :)


Jarrod Ney

Good Job lad.



You're a little legend mate! Keep up the amazing work!


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