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Indi Finn

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Help those living with MS

A great cause so get on board and donate today. Encouraging reading and charity at the same time is a win for all. 

I've read 68 books


by Andy Griffiths

The Night Dragon

by Joelie Croser and Donna Gynell

Statues in the ice

by Torran Anderson

Smaller and smaller

by Ned Jensen

Nami's Gifts

by Alyse Sweeney

I am thankful

by Sarah Cebulski and Racheal Rice

Making Granny Grasshead

by Jill McDougall and Nigel Croser

The Woodcutter

by Josephine Croser and Declan Lee

Long Ago and Today

by Bea Silverberg and Nehemiah Stark

Moose on the move

by Rus Buyok

Sister Daisy, Sister Rose

by Torran Anderson

Nature Stinks!

by Kira Freed

Math Test Mix Up

by Dori H Butler

How to make a drum

by Anthony Curran

Earth's Water

by Katherine Scraper


by Josephine Croser and Martin Smith

The goat and the singing wolf

by Anthony Curran

How the mice beat the men

by Bertha E Bush

Dr King's Memorial

by Kila Freed

Chick Catches Dinner

by Robyn Opie & Deborah Baldassi

Bisa's First Gallop

by Stanley Ling

The little go to sleep book

by Juliet Harmer

Grasshopper's Gross Lunch

by Alyse Sweeney

Summer Rain

by Ros Moriarty

The Butterfly Life Cycle

by Torran Anderson

Brother Messy, Brother Neat

by Torran Anderson

Brainstorm Bear

by Torran Anderson

Diary of a Dog

by Jill McDougall and Russell Millard

The cat wants custard

by P. Crumble and Lucinda Gifford

The Magic Shop

by Richard Gunther

Animals, Animals

by Cheryl Ryan

Blue Whales : Giant Mammals

by Susan Lennox

God made me this way

by Hayley Down

Twinkle Twinkle little star

by Jane Taylor

The very hungry caterpillar

by Eric Carle


by Liz Flaherty

Over in the Meadow

by Heather Philpott

What about Max?

by Ted Wragg and Val BIro

The Clumsy Tiger

by Barbara Beveridge

Spot's Birthday Balloon

by Eric Hill

There's an Emu on the easy chair

by Conny Fechner

Wiggly Worms

by Cheryl Reifsnyder

A trip to Petra

by Sarah Chusson


by Julie Haydon

I want to be the Fox

by Bronwyn Tainui

Time of Day

by Keith and Sarah Kortemartin

This is a bird

by Katherine Page

Baby Food

by Katy Pike

What is the Matter?

by John Carr

Our weather

by Simon Saffigna & Robert T. Watts

Red Hen

by Sara Wernham

What Do I Need?

by Katy Pike

Science Fair

by Iva Valentino

Pedro's Burro

by Bonnie Highsmith Taylor

A Seed Grows

by Julie Harding

One is enough

by Lalie Harcourt and Ricki Wortzman

Max and the clouds

by Nigel Croser and Neil Curtis

Maria joins the team

by Kitty Higgins

Let's Eat Lunch

by Lisa James & Sian Bradfield

Laws for kids

by Maribeth Boelts

Harriet Tubman

by Anthony Curran

Grow tomatoes in six steps

by Alyse Sweeney

Groundhog Goes Outside

by Karen Mockler

Cookies for Snack

by Lalie Harcourt and Ricki Wortzman

Fire Safety

by John Perritano

The Food we eat

by Kira Freed

Grow It Back

by Diana Noonan


by Barbara Armstrong

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Doug Clarke

You have done a great job keep it up


Annie Brack


Marcia Mcconnell

Well done Indi!!


Jess Jepson


Ken Taylor


Christine Puls


Stacey Clark

Read on little superstar!!!!!


Indi Walker

Well done Indi! Keep reading!


Whitney Kingston

Reading is the best adventure.. enjoy


Cullum Cavanagh-knez

Hope this helps indi, can't wait to see you all sometime soon




Michelle Stehn

Well done Indi! Enjoy your reading




Cheree Dempster

Keep up the excellent work Indi. We are always proud of you. Love Connor and Connors Mum and Dad xx


Helen Mcmaster

Go Indi Go! read and learn ! Enjoy and know you are helping people in need!


Trev Harwood

I am so honoured to sponsor you


Di & Terry Trafford


Tara Ridge


Zack Currie

All the best Indi, such a great cause! 👍


Shaun Turmine

Hope this helps


Tony And Cynthia Lawrance


Michelle Buckley

Good luck on your reading indi




Aj Bunn

Go Indi!! Reading is awesome !!



What an amazing effort Indi. Well done and thank you for wonderful support. My Dad has MS, so this is a cause close to my heart.


Nathan Buckley


Peta Markby

Good luck Indi


Simon & Andrea Risson

Well done Indi. Trust that you enjoy the quest with every book you read


Shelly Pedder


Kt Jones

Good on you Indi ❤️


Allan Mcmaster

Keep reading Indi 💞


Victoria Dennis

Great job Indi, enjoy all those wonderful stories. Jy, Neve and Linc


Julie Smith


Beth Walter

Happy Reading gorgeous girl. ❤️


Gaylene Marquick

Happy reading Indi


Michael Sprake

Well done indee Indi !


Elise Farrington

Go Indi!! Read until the cows come home!! Xx


Alira Charles

Well done Indi 💖


Kerrie Flett

Go Indi! Reading is so much fun and this is a really great cause to support.


Karen Shillinglaw

Well done Indi. Love Kaz xx


Indi Finn


Marg Finn


Shonie Finn

Great work, Little Wally! Have fun reading : ) Love you, loads! : ) xoxo


Hannah Mulcahy

Keep on reading, superstar! Xx Hannah, Tamzin and Ryder


Anna Marshall

Good on you Indi!! We know you will read a truck load of books. Love Dan, Anna, Lily and Ruby


Alana Finn

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