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James Payten

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

James’ MS Readathon Page

James is very excited about participating in his first MS Readathon. Every night we read 2 books so James is trying to reach a goal of 60 books in August! A big goal for a 5 year old but he is ready... 

I've read 63 books

There’s a big green frog in the toilet

by Anh Do

Boo goes to the farm

by Laurie Lawrence

Maccas Christmas cracker

by Matt cosgrove

Come to New York

by Unknown.

Somewhere in Australia

by Marc hello pennacchio

Don’t call me bear

by Aaron Blabey

Too many tickles

by Thomas Taylor

Alphabetical sydney

by Hilary bell

Pig the grub

by Aaron Blabey

Pip and posy

by Axel scheffler

Tom goes to kindergarten

by Margaret Wild

Cheeky monkey

by Andrew daddo

Piranhas don’t eat bananas

by Aaron Blabey

Hairy mclary at the vet

by Lynley dodd

Scarface claw

by Lynley Dodd

Zachary quack mini monster

by Lynley Dodd

Scarface claw

by Lynley Dodd

Wombat stew

by Marcia Vaughn

Rudie nudie

by Emma quay

Hairy McLairy sit

by Linley Dodd

Schnitzel Von krumm: dogs can’t climb

by Lynley Dodd


by Alpha prints

Goodnight mice

by Frances watr

Oi Frog

by Kes gray


by Graeme base

Where the wild things are

by Maurice sendak

The river

by Marc Martin

Hairy MacLairys bone

by Linley Dodd

Terrific trains

by Tony mitton and ant Parker


by Aaron Blabey

The Christmas show

by Rebecca Paterson

Meerkat splash

by Aura Parker

Ernie dances to the didgeridoo

by Alison lester

Stickley makes a mistake

by Brenda miles

Little Miss and Mr Mirrabrook

by Preschool

If I was prime minister

by Beck Feiner and Robin Feiner

The man from snowy river

by Banjo Patterson


by Bruce pascoe

The smallest turtle

by Linley Dodd

Give me a home among the gumtrees

by Unknown

Davy and the duckling

by Julie vivas and Margaret Wild

The ugly five

by Julia Donaldson

There is a monster under my Christmas tree that farts

by Tim Miller

No one likes a fart

by Zoe Foster Blake

Each peach pear plum

by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

In my Heart

by Jo Witek

Sydney word by word

by *

Come with me to New York

by Gloria Fowler and Min Heo

Pig the Star

by Aaron Blabey

Beautiful, oops

by Barney Saltzberg

Alphabetical Sydney

by Hilary Bell

King of kindergarten

by Derrick Barnes and Vanessa Brantley-newton

Babies don’t suck

by Aaron Blabey


by Aura Parker

My pop is a pirate

by Damon young


by Peter h. Reynolds

Pig the Fibber

by Aaron Blabey

Edward the Emu

by Sheena knowles

Waltzing matilda

by Banjo Patterson

My Dad thinks he’s funny

by Katrina Germein

Rosie Sips Spiders

by Alison Lester

Pig the Winner

by Aaron Blabey

Pig the Star

by Aaron Blabey

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Well done James!


Carmen Batchelor

Well done James


Georgina Baldock

Great reading James!


Mum And Dad

Well done James! We’re so proud of you!


Emily Hindmarch

You are reading so many great books for a wonderful cause. Well done James!


Lenore And Paul Robertson

Have fun reading all those books. Every book is a step towards helping families who need our support! Well done! Love Nawnie and Bup xxx


John Payten

Good work, James.


Helen & Michael Payten

Enjoy reading all those books, James! You're a real champion helping others like this! love from Nen Nen & Buppa xx


Paul And Ann Redmond

Go James!! Love your video.


Jess Balzer

Go James!


Vicki Tony Fowler

So proud of you James you are a thoughtful young man. Enjoy your reading love Vicki and Tony xxx


Susan Eisenhauer

Go James.


Julia Martin

Love that you’re such a great reader James!


Madeleine Davis

Well done James for starting the ms reading journey... lots of fun and lots of help to people in need! Love Daniel Brooke & Madeleine xx


Tamara Smith

Good on you, James! Enjoy your reading!


Mountaha Lavis

So proud of you little one you certainly are your mother’s son xx


Lucy Solomon

Reading is the best. Well done, James.


Anne & Mark Ward

Well done James. Thank you for reading to help find out how make sick people with MS better. Mark’s cousin in England is very sick with MS so we want to help.


Sally Robinson

Go James! Keep up the awesome reading!


Marie-louise Harvey

Onya James!


Denise Papaluca

What a great boy you are James! All the best with reading your books😊


Kimberley Soekov

How could I resist a pitch like that?! Go James!!


Harry & Jack Banham

Great work James! Let us know what your favourite book is 😊

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