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Jett van Engelen

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Year 1

I'm reading to help improve lives of people with MS

I've read 13 books

The Stubborn Goat

by Jenny Feely

Lions and Tigers

by Katy Pike

Can You See Me

by Samantha Montgomery

A Treasure Island

by Dawn McMillan

The Berry Cake

by Jan Anderson

The Bridge is Too Small

by Suzanne Lilly

The Toytown Racing Car

by Jenny Giles

My School

by Carmel Reilly

Who Works on the Beach

by Claude Wright

Meet the Johnson Family

by Jan Pritchett

Listen - Here Comes the Night

by Samantha Montgomery

Socks Off

by Greg Lang

Blast Off

by Lalie Harcourt & Ricki Wortzman

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Lincoln Van Engelen

Well done Jett


Heidi Van Engelen

Go Jett!


Mhanda Van Engelen

Great effort Jett


Thelma Tokesi

You are becoming a very good reader Jett, and know some big words. Can t wait til you read chapter books to us all!


Marion Gazzard

I know you'll do well. Go Jett!


Anneka Van Engelen

Keep reading Jett!


Heidi Van Engelen


Aunty Jayne & Uncle David

Great reading Jett! I hear your sisters love hearing you read.


Van Engelen Family

Keep reading Jett - Great Job!


Mhanda Van Engelen

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