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Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 158.94%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

I'm on a Book Reading Mission!

"I love reading. I want to read 100 books and raise FIVE THOUSAND HUNDRED dollars to help people who are sick with a disease that makes it hard for them to walk.

(Mummy says let's start with a goal of $500 and see how we go!)

Thank you for helping me to raise money by reading lots of books!"

I've read 51 books

The Costume Parade

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Let's Take Care of the Earth

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Freya the Brave

by Damian Harvey & Max Rambaldi

Staying at Home

by Heather Maisner & Parwinder Singh

The Big Match

by Damian Harvey & John Lund

My Friend Fred

by Frances Watts

Have You Met Scribble?

by John Dickson

How Many?

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

It Started as a Seed

by Dr. Alden Kelley

Little Number Stories: Addition

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Mr. Noisy Paints His House

by Joel Kupperstein

Buttons, Buttons

by Rozanne Lanczak Williams

El Tesoro del Pirata

by Núria Cussó

Tabby in the Tree

by Beverley Randall

Aprendo a Leer con Elmer - Nivel 1

by David McKee

Mi Color Favorito Rojo

by Amy Culliford

The Hole Idea

by Beth & Paul Macdonald

The Hole

by Kerry Brown & Lucia Masciullo

Dive, Dolphin!

by Shira Evans

Say Zoop!

by Hervé Tullet

Baby Wombat's Week

by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

Diary of a Wombat

by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

The Lost Library

by Jess McGeachin

Spot's Tractor

by Eric Hill

Goodnight, Buenas Noches

by Meritxell Martí & Xavier Salomó


by Anne Giulieri

Night-time Noises

by Jay Dale

Boss Baby: Operation Library!

by Tina Gallo

No More Nappies

by Macmillan Publishers International Ltd

If You're Cheeky and You Know It

by P. Crumble & Chris Kennett

Hokey Pokey - Aussie Edition

by Sarah Harry & Ed Allen

I'm Not Sleepy

by Macmillan Publishers International Ltd

The Big Blue Truck

by Brimax

Sesame Street - Sleep Tight

by Constance Allen

Shapes of Australia

by Brown Bancroft

The Great Easter Race

by Craig Manning

Two Homes Filled with Love

by Steve Herman

All about Spot

by Eric Hill

The Space Adventure

by Hippo Blue

Bluey - The Pool

by Joe Brumm

Planes Fire & Rescue - Brave Firefighters

by Apple Jordan

The Littlest Bandit

by Ali Pye

Every Last Bubble Must... POP!

by Jason Carter Eaton

Whisker Haven Tales - The Knight Night Guard

by Amy Sky Koster

Bubble Guppies - The Big Magic Show

by Josephine Nagaraj

Planes Fire & Rescue - Fire Crew

by Frank Berrios

Monkey Needs to Listen

by Sue Graves & Trevor Dunton

Go, Dog. Go! - Go, Team. Go!

by Tennant Redbank & Alan Batson

The Little i Who Lost His Dot

by Kimberlee Gard

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Shell!

by Lucille Colandro

The Bad Guys - Episode 1

by Aaron Blabey

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Stella Carbó

Well done, from Tío Pepe and Tía Stella!


Melissa Tröstel


Michelle Russell

Well done, keep it up my friend. You can share those stories to me - Tommy


Mel Daniels

Way to go! The Daniels family are super proud of you!


Andrea Donaldson

Well done on all your reading. Keep up the good work.




Tio Oscar, Tia Carol & Esmeralda

So proud of your reading efforts and your compassion, little man! Love you! 🤙🏼🥰


Katherine Westphal

Hi Joaquin! So proud of you! I hope you really enjoyed the books you have read! You have to tell me all about it ! Helping others is so rewarding too


Mark Crosweller

We are all very proud of you Joaquin for being so caring and compassionate! Lots of love, Tio Mark


Ritchie Araya



Luis Cavagnola

What a great idea Joaquín ! We hope you have lots of fun with your reading. Love you !!! Babu and GrandPapi


Christian Cuello

Very proud of you!!! ❤️


Natalie Careglio

Keep reading beautiful boy 💙


Tio & Tia (cuello)

So proud of you Joaquin! What a great cause! Well done! Lots of love Tio Mark & Tia Carolyn xo


Chris Kellahan

Awesome! It will be so much fun reading all those books :) :)


Florinda Cuello

Your abuelos know you are going to achieve your goal (or maybe more)... Well done Joaquin, we love you heaps!


Romina Cavagnola

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