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Kaito Mori

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 160.82%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

Please Donate to help families with MS

Please help me reach my goal amount to support families that are dealing with MS.

My pledge is to read one book every night in August to my little brother, Keshi.  I also want to keep reading lots and lots of cricket books with my Dad!

Thank you for any support you can give.


I've read 15 books

When I'm feeling lonely

by Trace Moroney

When I'm feeling jealous

by Trace Moroney

Definitely Do Not Open this book

by Andy Lee

Do Not Open this book Ever

by Andy Lee

Do Not Open this book

by Andy Lee

Do Not Open this book AGAIN

by Andy Lee

Tyrannosaurus Rex

by Helen Frost

Dinosaur Meat-eaters

by Leonie Bennett

Victor Shmud Total Expert

by Jim Benton

Glenn Maxwell. World Domination

by Patrick Loughlin

Glenn Maxwell. State Showdown

by Patrick Loughlin

Mighty Mitch. Not out

by Mitchell Starc and Tiffany Malins

Mighty Mitch. Howzat Heroes

by Mitchell Starc and Tiffany Malins

Mighty Mitch. Clash of the keepers.

by Mitchell Starc and Tiffany Malins

Mitchell Starc. Aussies vs England: Game on!

by Mitchell Starc and Tiffany Malins

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Anna Mori



Go kaito! I'll also donate $5 per night that you read. Add it up and at the end of the month we'll have more to donate!


Emma Maddison


James And Christella

My reading hero!!!!! You can read after lights out. Don't tell Anna.


Heather Mori

Well done Kaito!! An amazing effort. So pleased to hear about your interest and progress with reading. It's a very worthwhile cause to support


Stephanie And Andrew

So fantastic what you are doing Kaito. Having fun time with your brother Keshi and your Dad whilst helping others. Way to go.


Thelma Rodrigues

Keep up the good work Kai! Very proud of you 🙂


Derek Hill

Great work Kaito!


Rochelle Roulston

Way to go Kaito - very proud of you. Love Rob ,Rochelle, Britt & James xxx


Brock Baillie

Great work Kaito! Great to see you’re helping people in need.


Dan Marmont

Good on you Kaito. You're doing a really good thing for good people who need help, great stuff


Russ Zammit

Good work Kaito..


Nanny And Poppa

Well done Kai.


Mum And Dad

Go Kai Man!!!



Go Kaito Hope you Will achieve the target


Anna Mori

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