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Lea Tomolowicz

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

My name is Lea and I am 4 years old. I love to read! My uncle had a stroke in February and was in hospital for many months and my mum explained brain injuries to me. I hope that the more books I read the more people will donate to help people and families with MS and other neurological conditions!

I've read 100 books

Riding to Craggy Rock

by Annette Smith

The obstacle course

by Maria Kennedy

Sarah and the barking dog

by Jenny Giles

Fairy tales for Bedtime

by Rosie dickins

A Place for Everyone

by Lisa Thompson

Ant City

by Annette Smith

The New Neighbours

by Julie Ellis

Can you find pup

by Vincent X. Kirsch

The Detective Dog

by Julia Donaldson


by Margaret Mayo And Alex ayliffe

Is a camel a mammal?

by Tish Rabe

One very big bear

by Alice Brier-Haquet

Pinkalicious and the Pirates

by Victoria Kann

Polly Perkins’ Pictures

by Jade Michaels

The Daily Meow

by Jill Eggleton

The Seat Belt Song

by Jenny Giles

The Birthday Book

by Todd Parr

Zoom , Rocket, Zoom

by Margaret Mayo & Alex Ayliffe

Here We Are

by Oliver Jeffers

Migaloo the white whale

by Mark Wilson

I lost my tooth

by Mo Willems


by Jez Alborough

Just in case you want to fly

by Julie Fogliano & Christian Robinson

Say hello like this

by Mary Murphy

Maisy goes to the cinema

by Lucy cousins

Lottie and walter

by Anna walker

Sock story

by C K smouha


by Frances Lee

Pearl The Flying Unicorn

by Sally Odgers and Adele K Thomas

The things I love about Friends

by Trace Moroney

The snail and the whale

by Julia Donaldson

Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus

by Mo Willems

My Aussie Dad

by Yvonne Morrison

What is that ball made from?

by Yvonne Cook

Wacky Wednesday

by Dr Seuss

Big Machines for Fun and Sport

by Geoff Thompson

Windy Days

by Heather Hammonds

Eric the postie

by Matt Shanks

My Dinosaur Dad

by Ruth Paul

The Flying Tree

by Julie Ellis

What A Day

by Carmel Reilly

The great Jimbo James

by Phil Cummings

10 Green Geckos

by Phillip Gynne and Lloyd Foye

Fuzzy on Parade

by Pauline Cartwright

My Dad Still Thinks He’s Funny

by Katrina Germein

Toto and the Turkey

by Kate Darling

The Troll Under the Bridge

by Retold by Carmel Reilly

Swimming Across The Pool

by Jenny Giles


by Monica Hughes

There’s no place like space!

by Tish Rabe

The Big Chicken Mystery

by Meredith Costain

Goodnight Possum

by Coral Vass and Sona Babajanyan

When I was a child

by Andy Stanton and David Litchfield

Mum’s don’t fart, okay!!

by Lisa Regan & Agnes Ernoult

Merry Christmas, Davy!

by Brigitte Weninger & Eve Tharlet

On the night you were born

by Nancy Tillman

Stick man

by Julia Donaldson

Aurora and the Secret Dairy

by Anna Pignataro

Whoops! But it wasn’t me!

by Lauren Child

Where’s the bus?

by Eileen Browne

My dad thinks he’s funny

by Katrina Germein

The smartest giant in town

by Julia Donaldson

Yucky worms

by Vivian French

The Pirates’ Picnic

by Angela Mcallister

My Feelings and Me

by Holde Kreul

Reindeer Games

by Scott Sonneborn

A Cake for Gran

by Damian Harvey & Srimalie Bassani

The Hole Idea

by Beth & Paul Macdonald

The zebra who lost his stripes

by Jedda Robaard

The Lion who lost her roar

by Jedda Robaard

The little mouse who lost her squeak

by Jedda Robaard

One fish Two fish Red fish Blue fish

by Dr Seuss

Mr Brown can Moo! Can you?

by Dr Seuss


by Dr . Seuss

Tell the truth

by Kate Tym

The Gruffalo’s Child

by Julia Donaldson

Thanks mum

by Matt Cosgrove

Bushranger Bill

by Megan De Kantzow

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

by The Topp Twins

Pinkalicious and the Amazing Sled Run

by Victoria Kann

The Things I Love About Grandparents

by Trace Moroney


by Disney Classic Collection

The farmer in the dell

by The Topp Twins

Monkey and Me

by Emily Gravett

Oh Dear

by Rod Campbell

Room on the broom

by Julia Donaldson

The Ant and the Grasshopper

by Retold by Karen Yates

Two Good Friends

by Retold by Pat Parsons

I love my grandpa

by David Bedford & Brenna Vaughan

One Duck Stuck

by Phyllis Root

The Hottest Dingo

by Coral Vass and Lachlan Creagh

The foot book

by Dr Seuss

Puss in boots

by Charles Perrault

Shumba's Big Adventure

by Lauren St John

Prehistoric Pals

by Laurel Clayton

I love mum with the very hungry caterpillar

by Eric Carle

No hitting

by Karen Katz


by Julia Donaldson

The Smeds and The Smoos

by Julia Donaldson

Ori’s Stars

by Kristyna Litten

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Aunty Jenny

Dear Lea, Well done! Proud of you!


Kim Khoo

Keep up the reading!


Mary Sihoe

Well done Lea ! Keep on reading ! So proud of you for caring for those in need ! 🥰


Ah Kong Robert

Well done Lea, I’m so proud of you. 92 books in this short time is a record. Congratulations! And best wishes in all your reading.


Belinda Thompson

Amazing reading Lea!


Fionna Gan

Awesome reading Lea!!!


Suraya Goddard

Fantastic reading Lea!! Keep up the good work! Love you tons!!


Levi & Isaac

Not a small endeavour and you're at 87 books already! Good work.


The Berrys

Great work with your reading Lea - you are always amazing us with the incredible things your young mind is capable of. Love, The Berrys


Frankie And Koby

Well done Lea you are dong an amazing job!!! x



Good job Lea, hope you continue to inspire those around you! Proud of you!


Toby & Jayden Laver

Well done Lea, so proud!!


Common Family

Hello Lea, Great job! Keep up the good work :-)



Keep up the good work Leah! Love from Kaylynn, Aunty Pat and Uncle Andre


Irena Tomolowicz

Dear Lea!I am so proud of you. I have noticed that you had already read more than 60 books.Bravooo...Love from Babcia


Jie Jie Grace

Hi Lea! I am so encouraged and so impressed that you are reading to raise money for MS patients. You are so fortunate, and it is the greatest gift to be able to give back to others !


Pearly Lee

Great jon Lea!!! While u r making a difference u r also helping all of us make a difference as well!


Janice Ng

Yay go Lea!



Good Job Lea. Am sure your efforts will bless many suffering from this terrible disease and your uncle will be so proud :)



Good on you Lea! Alexander loves the books you’ve been reading too, and he hopes to read with u when we next visit!



Hey Lea, you're doing such a great thing by fundraising to support people with MS! Keep going!!


Mikaela, Ariya And Judah

Keep it up Lea! You’re amazing!! Mikaela says: “You are such a good reader.” :)



You’re really good at reading Lea! We hope you’ll exceed your $500 goal! Sienna said you should go for $5000!



Dear lovely Lea..what a beautiful act of kidnes from your lovely soul..keep are making mum, dad and Logan proud...well your choice of books


Jenny Yeo

My Dearest Princess Lea, So glad that you are reading so well! Very proud of you that you are helping the needy by reading books ! That is showing kindness and care for others who need help. Love you always, Ah Mah Jenny Yeo 😘


Gm E And Gp Puffy

Hi Lea, it’s wonderful that you are thinking and doing this for others. We are so proud of you! Enjoy reading and tell us which is your favorite book (:


Jeremy Hou

Dear Lea, thank you for reading so many books! You are a kind, amazing and wonderful girl with a lot of love in your heart. Uncle MH says thank you for your prayers. Keep reading! And don’t forget to share the stories with Logan.

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