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Levi Ferguson

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

A Charity Very close to my heart

I lost my grand-dad to MS when I was only 17 days old and didn't get the opportunity to spend more time with him.  I have been told I am very much like him and it would have been great to spend more time and learn from him. I  decided to play a small role towards this charity and do my part so families can spend more quality time with their loved ones who may be suffering from MS.

I've read 60 books

The Green Dragons

by Sonny Mulheron

My Superhero

by Chris Owen

Weirdo #5

by Anh Do

The book chook

by Amelia McInerney

Terry's Underpants

by Andy Griffiths

Terry and the Magic Bean

by Andy Griffiths

Weirdo #4

by Anh Do

When Charlie McButton lost power

by Suzanne Collins

My Super hero

by Chris Owen

You must bring a hat

by Simon Philip

My Red Velvet Cape

by Dana Sullivan

Weirdo 4

by Anh Do

Definitely Do Not Open This Book

by Andy Lee

Do Not open this book again

by Andy Lee

Do Not open this book

by Andy Lee

The new neighbours

by Julie Ellis

Magpie's baking day

by Beverley Randell

Playing Skittles

by Dawn McMillan

Snowball the white mouse

by Hugh Price

There was a bloke who swallowed a present

by Louis Shea

One way ticket to Mars

by Jeanne Willis

Tricking our eyes

by Dawn McMillan


by Pat Moon

Rude Little Reggie's Pony Party

by Michael Wagner

Mr. Brave

by Roger Hargreaves

Apples for Sale

by Carmel Reilly

The green dragons

by Sally Mulheron

Little Teddy and Monkey

by Annette Smith

Homes for everyone

by Sally Cowan

Mum's phone number

by Debbie Croft

Swimming across the pool

by Jenny Giles

Magpie's baking day

by Beverley Randell

Mr Happy

by Roger Hargreaves

Toby and the red van

by Annette Smith

My Dad

by Jenny Giles

Danger in the carpark

by Annette Smith

Ant City

by Annette Smith

Tiny owl and the prickly plant

by Elsie Nelley


by Beverley Randell

The new Neighbours

by Julie Ellis

My Island Home

by Neil Murray

The first day at school

by Yvonne Jagtenberg

Conga Dance

by Amanda Tarlau

Blue Whale Blues

by Peter Carnavas

Captain Sneer the buccaneer

by Penny Morrison


by Diana Noonan

Tricking The Tiger

by Julia Donaldson


by Caroline Harris

Cars, Cars, Cars

by Michael Steer

One Photo

by Ross Watkins

Man gave names to all the animals

by Bob Dylan

We're all Wonders

by RJ Palacio

The very hungry bear

by Nick Bland

The very noisy bear

by Nick Bland

Going to the footy

by Debbie Coombes

Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!

by Mo Willems

Weirdo #1

by Anh Do

The Terrible Suitcase

by Emma Allen

Hot Dog 1

by Anh Do

Why I love summer

by Michael Wagner

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Great work Levi!!!


Joyce Ferguson

Hi Levi Well done proud of you ..and love you Nan and POp


David Bennetts

Well done Levi!


Mitch Williams

Great work Levi 👍


Amanda King

Happy reading. Well done 👏




Shannon Lohse



Good job Levi!!!


Michelle Bowen

Keep up the great work!


Miki Nana And Nisha Nani

So very proud of you great young man.Keep up the hard work Levi. Love & blessing from boxer nana and Nisha nani.



Have fun reading Levi, good job helping others


Jenny Sim

Good work Levi!


Thusitha Gamage


Anusha Haran

you are doing great wishes from One Stop Loans!!


Ashwin Prasad


Nana & Nani Sagar

Keep the good work Levi!


Levi Ferguson


Mandy Sly

Good luck on you first MS readathon, looking forward to hearing all about it!


Anj Barnett

Well done Levi - we're so proud of you! Lots of love from Jungle Geoff, mum, Caitlin and Isabelle.


Zara And Zak

Good luck Levi with your goal!



So proud of all the reading and learning you are doing


Vinod Kumar & Premila Prasad

Such a noble gesture for someone so young! You are such a kind-hearted boy! God bless you! Love from Nana & Nani


Ash Prasad

So proud of you Levi -from mum xo

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