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Jack Reid

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Year 1

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 20 books

Gran's Holiday

by Julie Ellis

In Ravi's Den

by Jon Tovey

My Superheroes

by Susan Frame

Tiger in the Cupboard

by Bronwyn Tainui

The Toytown Bus Helps Out

by Jenny Giles

Ben's Dad

by Shirley Randell

Car Racing

by John Carr

The Gardener

by Dot Meharry

The Map

by Lalie Harcourt

Machines that Move

by Bronwyn Tainui

Wind Dance

by Samantha Montgomerie

New Acts Wanted

by Lisa Thompson

The Big Helicopter

by Annette Smith

Down at the River

by By Anne M Bingley

The Bugalugs Bum Thief

by By Tim Winton

Nests, Nests, Nests

by Susan Canizares

Tricky's Bad Day

by Alison Lester

Pig The Pug

by Aaron Blabey

King Pig

by Nick Bland

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carl

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Jo Morgan

That’s awesome ! 👍🏾 Great effort Jack -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ congratulations!


Greg Reid

I hope you are also reading to your sister.


Greg Shannen

Hope you get to read a lot of interesting books. Maybe you could read a book about Australian birds to help you to identify all the birds that live in your local area?? You could then share your findings with Poppa??

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