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Orion Sky

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 149.05%

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Super star

I'm almost 6 years old, and reading in three languages is my superpower!

Hi there, my name is Orion and I have been learning to read in my three family languages.

I want to use my trilingual superpowers to raise money for MS research. It's my first ever Readathon and I am going to read at least 10 books out loud in each language (10 Greek, 10 Japanese and 10 English) ON MY OWN.

I have set a really high goal. Mum told me it might be difficult to reach $500 in donations, but I think I can make it!

If I reach $200 I promise I will add another two books for each language to my goal (that's 36 in total on my own, which is pretty good for a nearly-6year old).

If I can get $300 I will read another three each on top of that (that would be 45, wouldn't it? I can do that!).

Gosh, I don't even know what I'll do if we hit over $400. I'll have to think of something amazing. Maybe Mum can help me record my reading out loud and we can upload them to her socials. THAT would be something, wouldn't it?

I don't need a lot of convincing to read, but I really really want to raise money for this charity. Can you help me?

[UPDATE 11.30pm 9 June 2021: Wowee! After just one day, Lovely Humans have donated in Orion's name to the tune of 68% of his fundraising goal! With four books down in his first 24 hours, I think we'll have to get cracking on the remaining 41, and get onto uploading some reading clips for his supporters to thank them all for their generosity and kindness. Thank you all so much!]

I've read 33 books

"To Asximopapo" ("The Ugly Duckling" - read in Greek)

by Hans Christian Andersen (Translated by Ioanna Mpampeta)

"H Megali Agkalia" ("The Big Hug" - read in Greek)

by Yolanda Tsoroni-Georgiadi, illustrated by Thenta Mimilaki

"The Pirates are Coming!"

by John Condon; illustrated by Matt Hunt

"Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey"

by Alison Lester


by Beck and Matt Stanton

"H Kyria Taktiki" ("Little Miss Tidy" - read in Greek)

by Roger Hargreaves; translated by Katerina Giannakou

"Ti Mporeis Na Kaneis Me Mia Eukairia;" ("What Do You Do With A Chance?" - read in Greek)

by Kobi Yamada; illustrated by Mae Besom

"Ti Mporeis Na Kaneis Me Ena Problima;" ("What Do You Do With A Problem?" - read in Greek)

by Kobi Yamada; illustrated by Mae Besom

"Ti Mporeis Na Kaneis Me Mia Idea;" ("What Do You Do With An Idea?" - read in Greek)

by Kobi Yamada; illustrated by Mae Besom


by Jane Manners

"Your Amazing Body"

by Sarah O'Neil; illustrated by Alex Stitt

"Karpouzi" ("Watermelon" - read in Greek)

by Taghreed Najjar; illustrated by Maya Fidawi; translated by Dominiki Sandi

"Mikroi Kyrioi: Taksidi Stin Iaponia" ("Mr Men: Adventure in Japan" - read in Greek)

by Roger Hargreaves; Adam Hargreaves; translator not identified

"It's a Book"

by Lane Smith

"Building Site"

by Rebecca Gerlings; illustrated by Ramon Olivera

"Moja Moja Means Hairy" (bilingual publication - Japanese/English)

by Misaki Kawai; NGV

"Tomasugo Hashiru Yo" ("Thomas the Tank Engine Runs" - read in Japanese)

by Minoru Ogano

"Tanoshii ne! Tomasurando" ("Thomasland is Fun, Isn't It?" - read in Japanese)

by Minoru Ogano

"Darumasan To" ("Mr Daruma And" - read in Japanese)

by Hiroshi Kagakui

"Darumasan No" ("Mr Daruma's" - read in Japanese)

by Hiroshi Kagakui

"Darumasan Ga" ("Mr Daruma Is" - read in Japanese)

by Hiroshi Kagakui

"Nanda Nanda" ("What is it? What is it?" - read in Japanese)

by Kazuko, G. Stone

"Storybots Science Reader: The Amazing Planet Earth"

by Scott Emmons; illustrated by Nikolas Ilic and Eddie West

"Monster Cars"

by Nick Gordon

"Opposites: Hot and Cold"

by Kelsey Jopp

"Opposites: Clean and Dirty"

by Kelsey Jopp

"Opposites: Near and Far"

by Kelsey Jopp

"Opposites: Tall and Short"

by Brienna Rossiter

"Opposites: High and Low"

by Brienna Rossiter

"Kalinyxta, Leme!" ("Goodnight Already!" - read in Greek)

by Jory John, illustrated by Benji Davies, translated by Filippos Mandilaras

"The Very Itchy Bear"

by Nick Bland

"Reizouko" ("Fridge" - read in Japanese)

by Hiroyuki Arai

"5 Myges kai Mia Trompeta" ("Five Flies and a Trumpet" - read in Greek)

by Ingrid Chabbert; illustrated by Raul Guridi; translated by Marianna Psyhalou

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Uncle Manjit And Didi Deepu

Dearest Orion, wishing you lots of success for your project!! Sending you lots of love and luck.


Vlad Finn

Well done and keep reading! Lots of love from the Finn girls.


Nish, Joel, Luke & The Clan

Well done Orion! We are so proud of you and have always believed that you are a Superstar!


Evelyn Stathoulis

Mπράβο Orion!xx


Meena Advani

Right On Orion. More power to you 💪🏼. Fantastic initiative. Love you 🤗😘


Nimo And Gita

Go Orion!! Great cause. May your enthusiasm for reading and helping others, be with you forever. Love you always.


Kimberley Van Proctor

Well done, Orion. Very impressive. 3 languages! Great cause too.




Nicholas Gioukakis

Οριονα. Ισε Ο. Κάλιτερος Ο. Φιλος σου ΝΙΚΟΛΑΣ


Pano Papadatos

Καλό διάβασμα これはすごいね Enjoy!


Warwick Merry

Go you good thing. You are a reading legend!!


Cyndy Allison

Well done Orion. I hope you get to your goal and beyond. And here's to many more years of your S Readathon participation.


Birgit Nott

Nice work Orion! I'm so glad you love reading. Keep it up!


Mel And Grace Lowndes

We think you are amazing! Great work


P&j Parmenter

What an amazing effort! Have fun reading your books, and remember, always listen to your Mum.



Yay Orion!!!


Aki, Jack And Kai

Nice work Orion! Happy reading :-) オリくんがんばってね!


Daisuke Kawakami




Good luck with the Readathon - オリオン がんばってね!


Margaret Vedder

Hi Orion how exciting that you are participating in the MS Readathon, I hope my small donation takes you a step further at reaching your goal. Happy reading buddy. Margaret


Orion Sky

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