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Patrick Bailey

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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 120 books

How to Be Friends with This Werewolf

by Erin Savory

A Carnival of Cats

by Charles Ghigna

Bat Wings! Cat Wings?

by Laura Gehl

Nat the Cat Can Sleep Like That

by Victoria Allenby

May I Come In?

by Marsha Diane Arnold

Time Buddies Book 5: Glow Time: Rewind

by Marcie Colleen

Mi Gatito y Yo / Me and My Cat

by Rourke Educational Media

Brain Food: I say, Yes! I say, No!

by Harriet Ziefert

All About Cats

by Monika Filipina

Goodnight, You

by Genevieve Cote

Cat Ninja Book 6: Fish of Legend

by Matthew Cody

My First Animal Library: Meerkats

by Penelope S. Nelson

My First Animal Library: Kangaroos

by Mari Schuh

My First Animal Library: Opossums

by Mari Schuh

My First Animal Library: Tiger

by Cari Meister

LEGO City: Look Out Below!

by Michael Anthony Steele

Cat Ninja Book 4: The Life and Times of the Fury Roach

by Matthew Cody

Cat Ninja Book 3: You Only Live 9 Times

by Matthew Cody

Cat Ninja Book 2: Le Chat Noir!

by Matthew Cody

Cat Ninja Book 1: The Silent Master of Kat Fu

by Matthew Cody

Hey, That's My Monster

by Amanda Noll

How I Met My Monster

by Amanda Noll

I Need My Monster

by Amanda Noll

Max Monkey

by Pam Holden

Watch Me Swim

by Pam Holden

My Hands

by Pam Holden

Show Me a Shape

by Pam Holden

Cat and Mouse

by Rodney Peppe

Red Cat Blue Cat

by Jenni Desmond

Kitten Ninja Versus The Ball of Yarn

by Marcie Colleen

Cats: All Dressed Up

by Xist Publishing

A Little Cat, Cat, Cat

by Kim Mitzo Thompson and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

Super Cute! Baby Cats

by Bethany Olson

Super Cute! Baby Sloths

by Kari Schuetz

American Shorthair Cats

by Grace Hansen

Be A Good Dragon

by Kurt Cyrus

Kitty and Dragon: Kitty Gets a Cold

by Meika Hashimoto

Kitty and Dragon: Kitty Tidies Up

by Meika Hashimoto

My Favorite Pet: Cats

by Victoria Marcos

A Brave Cat

by Marianna Coppo

The Jellybeans and the Big Dance

by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans

The Sunrise Band

by Jeff Dinardo

The Jellybeans Love to Dance

by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans

The Bum Book

by Kate Mayes

The Jellybeans Love to Read

by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans

Star Wars: Death Star Battles

by Simon Beecroft

Grug goes to school

by Ted Prior

Grug learns to dance

by Ted Prior

Grug and the circus

by Ted Prior

Grug and the green paint

by Ted Prior

Grug goes fishing

by Ted Prior

Grug and the big red apple

by Ted Prior

Grug learns to read

by Ted Prior

Grug learns to fly

by Ted Prior

Grug goes to hospital

by Ted Prior


by Ted Prior

Lost Dog

by Michael Garland

Hard Hat Cat!

by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh

Love is Love

by Michael Genhart


by Alex Kuskowski

That Cat!

by Marie Powell

Whose Shoes would You Choose?

by Brian P. Cleary

Smitten with Kittens

by Florence Minor

Cats Are Cats

by Valeri Gorbachev


by Joe Cepeda

Count the Sheep to Sleep

by Philippa Rae

Good Night, Forest

by Denise Brennan-Nelson

Big Cats: Pumas

by Claire Archer

Inside All

by Margaret H. Mason

Late Nate in a Race

by Emily Arnold McCully

Nate Likes to Skate

by Bruce Degen

Hiding Dinosaurs

by Don Moynihan

National Geographic KIDS: Dinosaurs

by Kathy Weidner Zoehfeld

In the Tree House

by Andrew Larsen

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou!

by Julia Donaldson

I Wish I Had A Dinosaur

by Ian Anggabrata with Mingga Anggawan

A Night at the Zoo

by Kathy Caple

Can You See Me?

by Ted Lewin

Peeper and Zeep

by Adam Gudeon

Big Cat

by Ethan Long

Good Night, Knight

by Betsy Lewin

What Am I? Where Am I?

by Ted Lewin

The Fly Flew In

by David Catrow

Dinosaurs Don't, Dinosaurs Do

by Steve Bjorkman

Squeak the Mouse Likes His House

by Pat Schories

Horse & Buggy Dance, Dance, Dance!

by Ethan Long

Drew the Screw

by Mattia Cerato

Can Pup Find The Pups?

by Vincent X Kirsch

Where In The World

by Whitney Matheson and Christine Griswold


by Alice K. Flanagan

Little Bit

by Cynthia Amoroso and Peg Ballard

The Price of a Slice

by Brian P. Cleary

The Witch Had an Itch

by Brian P. Cleary

The Herd Came in Third

by Brian P. Cleary

See Me Run

by Paul Meisel

I See a Cat

by Paul Meisel

Dinosaurs Rock

by Beau Young and Shelley Craft

Tickling Tiger

by Anna Currey

Peace at Last

by Jill Murphy

Kisses for Daddy

by Frances Watts

It's Time to Say Goodnight

by Harriet Ziefert

We Love Bunk Beds

by Paula Metcalf

Disaster Zone: Sinkholes

by Vanessa Black

I Took the Moon for a Walk

by Carolyn Curtis

I Love You When...

by Annie Baker

15 Things Not To Do with a Granny

by Margaret McAllister

Time for Bed

by Mem Fox


by Alison Lester

Billy's Camping Trip

by Hannah Ko

Silly Kitty and The Spooky Night

by Nicola Lopetz

Your Birthday Was The Best

by Maggie Hutchings

Up to the skies and down again

by Nanette Newman

Daddy Cuddle

by Kate Mayes

There is a monster under my bed who Farts

by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

Archie No Ordinary Sloth

by Heath McKenzie

This Zoo is Not for You

by Ross Collins


by Artie Bennett

Stegosaurus Would Not Make A Good Pirate

by Thomas Kingsley Troupe

A Monster on the Loose

by Amanda Huneke

Nothing But Oranges

by Heath McKenzie

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Travis Green

Keep up the good reading 🤗


Tío Alejandro

uncle number 1, proud and very happy to be able to collaborate in your effort, you are very nice Patrick


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Vamos que se puede Patrick


Leanne Crocker

Good luck Patrick Nanny's is proud of you


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Mucha suerte Patrick y muy orgullosa de ti . Con cariño Tía Gloria


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So very proud of all your reading


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Well done Oatrick. You can do it


Doyle Family

Great job Patrick x


Patrick Bailey


Christopher Bailey

Good luck Big Brother. I love you.


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Enjoy reading all your books, Patrick!


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Happy reading Patrick. Great effort




Loretta Bailey

Patrick l hope you read plenty of books and raise your goal amount. I am proud of you for entering. Love Nanny.


Kristie Bailey

Great job little man ❤️👏


Hortensia Rojas


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Good on you Patrick. Happy reading


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Congratulations Patrick .big hugs 🫂 .


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Very good luck in you goal and you reading . Ayudar siempre te traerá grandes satisfacciones !! Generosidad y respeto te harán una gran persona


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Good luck Patrick! Happy reading 😍


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Muy orgulloso de nuestro sobrino y nuestro primo . Mucho éxito desde Santiago Chile


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Good luck with your goal With love Mama



Good luck 👍 big hugs ♥️


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