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Scarlette Caddies

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

my reason

I am a 7 year old 
 I have a goal of trying to read 100 books before the end of August.
I would like to raise $500 to help the kids of parents who have MS. 
I would be sad if it happened to my family so would like to make them happy by getting to go to camps.

I've read 18 books


by Scholastic & Disney

Friendship task trouble

by Parragon


by Coralie Saudo and Nicole Snitselaar



The lost thing

by Shaun Tan

Pocket dogs

by Margaret Wild

Whitney and Brittney chicken divas

by Lucinda Gifford

The perfect pet

by Fiona Robertson

A tale of two beasts

by Fiona Robertson

Fox in Socks

by Dr Seuss

Spooky riddles

by Marc Brown

Please try to remember the first of Octember

by Dr Seuss, Theo. LeSieg, Art Cummings

Scarlett Starlet

by Emma Quay

The bear went over the mountain

by Louis Shea

Takes from the Bush

by May Gibbs

10 Silly Wombats

by Ed Allen & Andrea Edmonds

There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie

by P. Crumble & Louis Shea

If you’re happy and you know it - Aussie Edition

by P.Crumble & Chris Kennett

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Debbie Coyle

Great work Scarlette 😀 so nice of you to do your bit to help those who need it.


Brendon Jones

thankyou for raising money for MS scarlette, my aunty is really unwell with this disease and the money you’re raising will help find a cure!


Jono Lindner


Troy Caddies

Proud of you my baby


Alana Mccabe

Proud of you Scarlett’s 💖💖


Caroline Dallinger

You go girl 😍😍


Jason Caddies

So proud of you my little best friend 🤙🏻


Gem Keating

Good luck Scarlette!! x


Manda Jade

Proud of you scarlie 💜


Jessica Ah-see

Yes go girl, if you like chapter books read "The secret of of the crystal fairies" 😉🥰


Tylah Powell

Good luck Scarlette, keep reading 😊


Keah Emery

So proud of you 💗


Ethan Coyle


Emily Stubbs



Sam Coyle


Danielle Reid

So proud Scarlie! 💕


Emma Coyle


Scarlette Caddies

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