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Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 366.53%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

Sebby is an eager reader

Please consider donating to assist the cause for our cousin in WA who is living with MS, and all those we know and do not know, lets help, like Nanny and Mummy did when they were little girls. Over the years so many fantastic new treatments and therapies have been discovered or created and make MS no longer the life sentence it was when they were little, may be one day MS will be history, not reality. 

I've read 33 books

David Gets In Trouble

by David Shannon

Becoming Beautiful

by Tarang Rawat


by Jennifer de Ezefedo

What does the Caterpillar do?

by David McArthur

Creepy Pair of Underwear

by Aaron Reynolds


by Diane Alber

All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors

by Davina Bell and Jenny Lovlie

Badger's Perfect Garden

by Marsha Diana Arnold

Donkey's can't take Bubble Baths

by Pragya Tomar

Never Let a Dinosaur Scribble

by Diane Alber

The Rainbow Fish

by Marcus Pfister

Bluey- The Beach

by Puffin Books

The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady a parody

by Emilie Sandoz-Voyer

The crunching munching Caterpillar

by Sheridan Cain

Incy Wincy Spider

by Kate Toms

A wiggly Christmas

by The wiggles

The Very cranky bear

by Nick Bland


by Allan Ahlberg

Ruffles and the red red coat

by David Melling

To Much Glue

by Jason Lefebvre

If you give a pig a pancake

by Laura Nuneroff

Paw Patrol Bath book: The pups save sea turtles

by Nickelodeon

Hey, that's my monster

by Amanda Noll

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

Hug Me

by Simona Ciraolo

Fidgety Fish

by Ruth Galloway

Little Tiger's big Suprise!

by Julie Sykes

Dinosaurs Dont Dance

by Hippo Blue


by Jennifer E Morris

The Wonky Donkey

by Craig Smith

Busy Bee

by Book company

Just one you --

by Lillian Jaine

Don't Forget -

by Jane Goodwin

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Mum & Dad

Keep reading our little superstar!





Go Seb!


Nicole Jovic

Well done Sebby! Keep reading and learning about all the amazing things in this world like germ bread 💛 Aunty Cole x


Deborah Robb

Congratulations Sebb, what a great achievement and for a good cause .


Jaimi Rossitto

Great job Sebby! Keep it up Xx


Steph Saunders


Sally + Eric

Well Done Sebby, keep on reading!


Erin Rogers


Sarah, Ava And Isla

We are so proud of you Seb!!!


Tim And Rhi Lolicato

Keep up the good work Sebby


Bec Hoyle

You are amazing Sebby. I hope Tristan gets to hear you reading.



Go Seb!



Well done Seb! Your mummy and daddy must be so proud xxx


Uncle Simon

Good work, Sebby. Keep reading your books and enjoying yourself.



Way to go Seb! xx


Sina, Lou And Carla Smarrelli

Go Sebby 💙 Keep Reading 💙


Aunty Alana & Uncle Anthony

Well done Sebby. MS is close to our heart too. Keep reading xox


Nanny Frog

Keep reading Sebby


Chris A Reischel

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