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Sonny Douglas

Participating in my 3rd MS Read-a-Thon

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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 100 books

The bad guys, episode 7, Ch 7&8

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys, episode 7, Ch 5&6

by Aaron Blabey

The bad guys, episode 7, Ch 3&4

by Aaron Blabey

Too many toys

by David Shannon

Pigeon Pie

by Debbie Singleton

Worms, wonderful worms

by Kathie Atkinson

Encyclopaedia for minecrafters

by Minecraft

Combat hand book for minecraft

by Minecraft

Tortoise soup

by Dawn McMillan

Sending Messages

by Jenny Feely

Verandah Santa

by Bluey

Peppa the mermaid

by Peppa pig

Pig the star

by Aaron Blabey

The octopuppy

by Martin McKenner

Tigers Roar

by Author

The Beach

by Bluey

The bad guys, Episode 8, Ch 1

by Aaron Blabey

Super Chimp

by Author

How to be a real man

by Scott stuart

Flamingo Celeste is not like the rest

by Celeste Barber

Looking at lifecycles: Butterfly

by Rachel Tonkin

Do not open this book

by Andy lee

Amazing dogs

by Laura Buller

Pete the cats world tour

by James Dean


by Ame Dyckman

Saltspray Monster

by Arthur Beat

Bikes for sale

by Carter Higgins

Ida and the whale

by Rebecca Gugger

Peppa’s Royal Party

by Peppa pig

In my heart: A book of feelings

by Jo Witek

The three magicians

by T

Beaver engineers

by Tracey reeder

Hattie helps out

by Jane Godwin & Davina Bell

Yellow Overalls

by Joy Cowley

The bad guys, Episode 7, Ch 1&2

by Aaron Blabey

Cat and dog

by Margaret Mooney

The dress-up box

by Patrick Guest

Peppa’s Christmas unicorn

by Hasbro

The worried elephant

by Phillip Gwynne


by Natasha Bouchard


by Usborne


by Bluey

Let’s find the dinosaur

by Alex willmore

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, Ch 3

by J.K Rolling

Hansel & Gretel & zombies

by Benjamin Harper

Is it Halloween yet?

by Susannah Chambers

Little Nic’s Big World

by Nic Naitanui

The bad Guys, Episode 6, Ch 8&9

by Aaron Blabey

Graeme Base: Writer & Illustrator

by Eleanor Curtain

Minecraft: Mobestiary

by The official minecraft team

Diary of a minecraft creeper: It came from down under

by Pixel Kid and Zack Zombie

The fear factor

by Sandy McKay

Hairy Maclary’s Bone

by Linley Dodd

The bad guys episode 6, Ch 7

by Aaron Blabey

Captain Duck

by Jen Alborough

The bad guys, Episode 6, Ch 5&6

by Aaron Blabey

Frog Hollow

by Kathryn Sutherland

The bad guys, Episode 6, Ch 3&4

by Aaron Blabey

Sneaky Beak

by Tracey Corderoy

Forky in craft buddy day

by Drew Daywalt

The bad guys, Episode 6, Ch 1&2

by Aaron Blabey

Good ideas for people

by Jo windsor

Toffee in trouble

by Sally Chambers

Willbee the bumblebee

by Craig Smith & Maureen Thomson

Lunch box bully

by Hans Wilhelm


by Claire Saxby

Wolfie: An unlikely hero

by Deborah Abela

Things you never knew about dogs!

by Giles Paley-Phillips

The big race

by Steve pattrick

The bad guys, Episode 5, Ch 9

by Aaron Blabey

Rosie, the pirate parrot

by Pamela Rushby

The bad guys, episode 5, Ch 7&8

by Aaron Blabey

Rosie demands the bill

by Pamela Rushby

Celeste the giraffe loved to laugh

by Celeste Barber

The bad guys, episode 5, Ch 5&6

by Aaron Blabey


by Richard Vaughan

Have you seen a tree for me?

by Sarah Eccleston

The bad guys, episode 5, Ch 3&4

by Aaron Blabey

Smug Seagull

by Maddie Frost

Bluey: Baby Race

by Bluey

Bluey: Camping

by Bluey


by Susie Bower

Bad Guys, Episode 5, Ch 1&2

by Aaron Blabey

Happy as a Hog out of mud

by Sean E Avery

Angry Cookie

by Laura Dockrill

There’s a spider in this book

by Claire Freedman

The shooter shrinker

by Sarah prince

The bad guys, episode 4, Ch 7-9

by Aaron Blabey

You can’t scare me!

by Bonnie Grubman

The bad guys, Episode 4, Ch 5&6

by Aaron Blabey

Making Mozzy

by Jen Storer

My Daddy snores

by Nancy H. Rothstein

Mother Hippopotamus goes canoeing

by Sandra Iversen

Grandad’s Teeth

by Rod Clement

Let’s look at waves

by Oksana vasilenko

Baba Yaga

by Joy Cowley

The bad guys, Episode 4. Ch 3&4

by Aaron Blabey

Bad Guys, Episode 4. Chapter 1&2

by Aaron Blabey

Incredible Animals

by Teresa Heapy

Handle with Care

by Stephen Gard

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Aunty Shel & Aunty Fats Xx

Great job Sonny! You got so much better at your writing as the week went on. Lots of love, Auntie Shel and Auntie Fats xx


Mardi Petersen

Good work Soony


Samantha Cresswell

Great job Sonny!


Jade Rose

Great job Sonny, what a superstar you are!!


Sarah Apps


Wyatt Stone


Seb And Archie

Great job Sonny, from Seb and Archie


Jess Lawton

Go Sonny Go!


Jakii Joyce

Good work Sonny! Happy reading 😊



Happy reading Sonny.


Caren Van Norden

Go Sonny Go


Kaytlin Bodis

Good work Sonny!!!



Well done, Sonny!!


Brittany Phillips


Christina Hyde

Grandma is so proud of you Sonny xx



Well done Sonny 🙌🏻 Keep up the good work 👍🌟


Pilkington Family

Good Luck Sonny!!


Brianna Postlethwaite

Happy reading Sonny!


Sonny Douglas

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