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Tristan Good

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I'm doing the MS Readathon this year - my very first year!  I love books.  I even made mummy build me a "mini library" in my playroom with all the cool books I love, and I am super excited to get my new library card and visit the local library to borrow more.  I occasionally let Mummy “borrow” a book from my library as well ?

I am so excited to read as many books as I can and go on an amazing reading adventure through the month of August. But I need YOUR support. Will you please sponsor me for the MS Readathon?  Your donation will fund vital support services for people living with MS.


I've read 70 books

I Can Hear.... Dinosaurs

by .

The Things I Love About Pets

by Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Play Time

by Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Me

by Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Friends

by Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Family

by Trace Moroney

The Things I Love About Bed Time

by Trace Moroney

Starlight Wishes

by Anne Marie Ryan & James Newman Gray

Follow That Tiger

by Dean Gray & Melanie Joyce

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

by .

What Pirates Really Do

by Melanie Joyce

The Three Little Pigs

by .

A World Full of Wonderful Things

by Amber Lily

Can You Do This?

by Michael Wagner

Lucy Goosey

by Margaret Wild & Ann James

What Newt Could Do for Turtle

by Jonathon London

Possum Magic

by Mem Fox

Sail Away: The Ballad of Skip and Nell

by Mem Fox

Koala Lou

by Mem Fox

Ready to Read: Hot Wheels Off-Roading

by .

See Inside the World of Dinosaurs

by Alex Frith & Peter Scott

Snot My Day!

by Lisa Regan

The Very Sleepy Bear

by Nick Bland

Time for Bed

by Mem Fox

Sleep Little Pup

by Jo Parry

I Am (not) Very Brave

by Timothy Knapman & Gavin Scott

Questions & Answers About: Nature

by Katie Daynes

Questions & Answers About: Growing Up

by Katie Daynes

The Singing Seal

by Merv Lamington & Allison Langton

Be Happy

by Susie Linn & Alex Patrick

You're a Big Brother

by David Bedford & Susie Poole

The Ugly Duckling

by .

Little Red Riding Hood

by .

100 Facts about Sharks

by Miles Kelly

100 Facts about Reptiles & Amphibians

by Miles Kelly

The Very Dizzy Dinosaur

by Jack Tickle

100 Facts About Snakes

by Miles Kelly

100 Facts About Spiders

by Miles Kelly

Wonders of Learning: Discover Dinosaurs

by .

Life-size: Jungle Animals

by .

Life-size: Bugs

by .

Goldilocks & the Three Little Bears

by .

Mums Don't Fart, Okay!!

by Lisa Regan

Jack and the Beanstalk

by .

Age of Dinosaurs

by Katie Woolley

The Bunny Book

by Patricia M. Scarry

The Shy Little Kitten

by Cathleen Schurr

Tawny Scrawny Lion

by Kathryn Jackson

Home for a Bunny

by Margaret Wise Brown

The Hug Book

by Sue Fliess

The Little Red Caboose

by Marian Potter

The Saggy Baggy Elephant

by Gustaf Tenggren

Animal Friends

by Jane Watson

Scuffy the Tugboat

by Gertrude Crampton

The Poky Little Puppy

by Janette Sebring Lowrey

I Love You Now and Forever

by Dawn Casey & Russell Julian

Inside Out Shark

by .

Ducks Away

by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek

Spot Goes to the Farm

by Eric Hill

Muddypaws Day at the Farm

by Steve Smallman & Simon Mendez

Read Me to Sleep

by Claire Hawcock & Charlotte Cooke

Where, oh Where Is Huggle Buggle Bear?

by Katherine Sully

The Nose That Knows

by Malachy Doyle & Barroux

Before I Go to Sleep

by Ronne Randall & Tony Kerins

Peekaboo Poo!

by Lisa Regan & Richard Watson

Where's My Monster

by Fleur Harris

Incredible But True - Dinosaurs

by .

The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus

by Quentin Blake & John Yeoman

Dino Surprise

by Agnese Baruzzi

Whose Bum? On The Farm

by Heath McKenzie

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Kerry Wasley

Happy Reading little super star



Great work Baby Boy!


Marianne Dravnieks

Congratulations Tristan! Reading is great and reading to help people is even better!


Sarah Erskine


Andy Cameron

Good luck Tristan and wish you well mate. Be good boy for mum


Fiona Baird

Keep up the good work, my friend Tristan xx


Kirstie Mckay

Enjoy your library visits and discovering all the wonderful new worlds of the books you choose!


Toni Hayward

Good Luck little man xx



Always support kids and reading and fund-raising! Well done, Tristan!


Bernadette Good

Read a lot of books which won’t be hard for you. You love books!


Josh Good



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