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Victoria Grant

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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 100 books


by David McKee

The cat wants cuddles

by P Crumble

Count with Bowerbird Bill

by Melanie Raymond

The fire engine book

by The little golden book

Same and different

by Scholastic

Ella and the toy rabbit

by Dawn McMillan

Look and learn - Match!

by Scholastic

I can't find my roller skates

by Sarah Prince

Sam had a bag

by School reader

20, 30, 40

by School reader


by School reader

Scooter safety

by School reader

Out the door

by School reader

The robbers

by School reader

My and my shadow

by School reader


by Jane and Zannah Carroll

What do they do with all the poo from all the animals at the zoo?

by Anh Do

Cleo in the snow

by Caroline Mockford

Me and my grandad

by James Locke

Sleepy Snoozy Hazel Hippo

by Kate Thomson

A squash and a squeeze

by Julia Donaldson


by Lake Press

Me and my grandad

by James Locke

Above and below

by Aminah Kazak


by Ted Prior

Things that grow

by Hinkler books

The little mouse who lost her squeak

by Jedda Robaard

Little duckling

by Taffy books

Who wants to play?

by Lisa Thompson

Space - mini encyclopaedia

by Sarah Creese

An ABC of equality

by Chana Ginelle Ewing

Frilly Fran

by Elizabeth Love

Jasper and Abby and the great Australia Day kerfuffle

by Kevin Rudd

At the park

by Gordon Winch

The library dragon

by Carmen Agra Deedy

Party shapes

by Liza Charlesworth

The Princess and the pea

by Susanna Davidson

Aladdin and his magical lamp

by Katie Daynes

The illustrated encyclopaedia of peculiar pairs in nature

by Sami Bayly

The scooter

by W F Graham


by Helen Depree

I can't find my roller skates

by Sarah Prince

In my dreams

by Stef Gemmill

Puffin the architect

by Kimberley Andrews

My meerkat mum

by Ruth Paul

Bunnies in a boat

by Philip Ardagh

Ben's treasure hunt

by Beverley Randall

Who do you go for?

by Heath McKenzie

Look! There's a koala.

by Leo paper products

Pat, Tap, Sat

by Anna Kirschberg

When a dragon goes to school

by Caryl Hart

I am fit

by Anna Kirschberg

Beware, beware the drop bear

by Heath McKenzie

Bluey - Baby race

by Ludo BBC studios

Coco and the butterfly

by Laura Bunting

Seriously do not open this book

by Andy Lee

5 minute nursery rhymes

by Little tiger press

Where plants grow

by Vic Moors


by Roger Priddy

Jack and Lily's favourite food

by Katherine Page

Baby's treasure hunt

by Roger Priddy

I count 100 things

by Cecelia Maeson

Thanks, Mum!

by Matt Cosgrove

Winter is here

by Deborah Schecter

Alphabet of alphabets

by Allan Sanders

What I want

by Gawain Douglas

Trace’n’colour numbers

by Five mile press

Hamster home

by Anthony Curran

The big yawn

by Keith Faulkner

Games we play

by Noy Saetia

Aalfred and Aalbert

by Morag Hood

Get In

by Vic Moors

Hope is a spark

by Colin Buchanan

My mum is the best

by Ludo BBC studios

He Runs

by Ned Jensen

Frankenstein doesn't wear earmuffs

by John Loren

How many legs?

by Ned Jensen

What has these stripes?

by Kira Freed


by Ali Durham

Hot and Cold

by Annette Carruthers

Little Miss Wise

by Roger Hargreaves

In and out

by Ned Jensen

Bluey - Fruit Bat

by Ludo BBC studios

Little Miss Giggles

by Roger Hargreaves

Bad Bunny

by Jonathan Bentley

What if ...?

by Anthony Browne

Do not open this book ever

by Andy Lee

Ella and the Exploding Fish

by Teigan Margetts

Cloud pictures

by Liza Charlesworth

The Log Hut

by Anna Kirschberg

How to annoy mum

by Dave Hughes and Holly Ife

Piranhas don't eat bananas

by Aaron Blabey

The eagle can fly

by Liza Charlesworth

Grug learns to cook

by Ted Prior

Party Shapes

by Liza Charlesworth

Happy Dog

by Robyn Newton

The Play

by Karen Anderson

Molly's Hair

by Emma Damon

Grug at the Zoo

by Ted Prior


by Ted Prior

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Ken Bald

Well done Victoria, 100 books is an amazing I think $3 a book is a just reward. Love Pa


Joanne Elliott

Well done Victoria. Go you shooting star!! Love Jo xx


Carol Martinella

Great work Victoria x


Rich Grant

Great work darling girl. You’re a little champ!


Graham Johnson

Great job victoria



Well done Victoria. Great effort…


Matthew Grant


Jen Grant

Well done Victoria.



Way to go Victoria! Love Unc. Jules & Aunty Robyn


Nan Bald

Great that you are reading books this year Victoria. So proud of you.


Lisa Page

Keep up the great work Victoria


Carol Marriott

Great effort to help others. Proud of you 💕



Good luck and well done Victoria, hope you’re loving your books


Corina Walker


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