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Wyatt Smith

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Raising money for Pampa and other people with Parkinsons

I want to raise money to help other people like Pampa who has Parkinsons Disease because it is hard for him to play with me and that makes me feel sad. It makes me sad that Pampa has Parkinsons Disease because it looks like it is hard for him to do things when he is shaking a lot. It makes my heart really happy to know that people are helping me to help people like Pampa get better. 

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Angela Cotterell


Isabelle & Evie Davis


Alvina Walker

Go Wyatt!! Such a wonderful thing you're doing xx


Kylie Seccombe

Great job!


Robyn Allen

You are doing a wonderful thing Wyatt. As we are progressively see the impact the Parkinson’s Disease has on your Pampa we welcome any research. You are such a thoughtful little boy and I hope lots of people get behind you. Love Mamma ❤️


Bec Smith

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