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Xavier ten Berk de Boer

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 35 books

The Thirsty Flowers

by Tony Wilson and Julie Knoblock

Carmen Sandiego - The Sticky Rice Caper

by May Chan

The Treasure of Dead Man’s Cove

by George Ivanoff

Hot Dog 5 - Camping Time

by Anh Do

Hot Dog 6 - Movie Time

by Anh Do

WeiDo 5 - Totally Weird

by Anh Do

Cat in the Hat - Would you rather be a tadpole

by Bonnie Worth

Cat in the Hat - On Beyond Bugs

by Trish Rabe

The Bad Guys: Episode 9 - The Big Bad Wolf

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys: Episode 6 - Alien vs The Bad Guys

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys: Episode 5 - Intergalactic Gas

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys: Episode 4 - Attack of the Zittens

by Aaron Blabey

Bad Guys: Episode 3 - The Furball strikes back

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys : Episode 2 Mission Unpluckable

by Aaron Blabey

Ninja Kid

by Anh Do


by Dav Pilkey

Dogman Fetch-22

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman A tale of two kitties

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman Brawl of the wild

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman and Cat Kid

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman For Whom the ball rolls

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman Lord of the Fleas

by Dav Pilkey

Dogman Unleashed

by Dav Pilkey

The Bad Guys - Episode 8 : superbad

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys - Episode 7: Do-you-think-he-Saugus?!

by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys - Episode 1

by Aaron Blabey

Wolf Girl - Into the wild

by Anh Do

Star Wars I am a Jedi

by Christopher Nicholas

How to make a Pet Monster - Hodgepodge

by Lili Wilkinson

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

by Little Golden Books

Pig the Winner

by Aaron Blabey

Disgusting McGrossface

by Rove McManus

Ninja Kid 2 - Flying Ninja!

by Anh Do

We are Wolves

by Molly Grooms & Lucia Guarnotta

The Bad Guys: Episode 9

by Aaron Blabey

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Elaine Henness

Go Xavier - you are amazing.


Fiona Ten Berk De Boer

Glad you enjoy reading so much and you are enjoying the books I have been sending . Look forward to you reading to me again . Love you to the moon and back grandma


Natasha Tissavirasingham

We love that you enjoy reading as much as we do. Now you get to do it for a great cause! Paul and I love you so much and are so proud of you!!


Daniel Ten Berk De Boer

Read lots little man, Dad and Ally are very proud of you


Sebastian Ten Berk De Boer

Very proud of my big brother helping people


Julie Edwards

Read lots of books Xavier. You are an amaso g reader. Aunty Julie


Eileen Edwards

Great job Xavier. Nanny Noo


Geraldine Tissavirasingham


Chad Tissavirasingham

Wishing Xavier the very best in his effort



You have big shoes to fill little one... let’s get some runs on the board. Love you mate!


Rochelle Tissa

So proud of you Xavier! Love Aunty Fish xxx

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