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Zoe Campbell

Participating in my 1st MS Readathon

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery…and it’s all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August to raise funds for kids who have a parent living with multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the MS Readathon will help fund vital support services, like special Family Camps. These camps provide an opportunity for kids who have a parent affected by MS to learn more about MS, bond with other kids and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 25 books

A Snowy Day

by Spencer Brinkler

Today is Rainy

by Spencer Brinkler

Bear in Underwear - Goodnight underwear

by Todd H. Doodler

Too much TV

by Gladys Moreta

River Rafting

by Meg Greve

Surfing Safari

by Precious McKenzie

Stickybeak the parrot

by Pam Holden

Going Up

by Pam Holden

Money down the drain

by Kyla Steinkraus

In the Doghouse

by Kyla Steinkraus

You're Quacked

by Joe Fitzpatrick

Just Narwhal

by Rosie Greening

Good Morning Isabel

by Nette Hilton

Kangaroo Country

by J. Jean Robertson

Pitch the Tent

by Precious McKenzie

Bus Troubles

by Precious McKenzie

Wet and Wild Waterpark

by Meg Greve

Mixing Paints

by Pam Holden

Sport and Stripes

by Pam Holden

The Transport Museum

by Peter Sloan

Flynn and the Magical Forest

by Janine Scott

Fun with Patch

by Gordon Winch

What did Kim Catch

by Jill Eggleton

Up in a Tree

by Joy Cowley

Just a seed

by Wendy Blaxland

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Kayla And Billy

Go Zoe!


Sienna Meilak

Good luck Zoe, miss you. Love Sienna xx


Astrid Swietojanski

Proud of you Zoe!


Donna Mackenzie

Zoe. You’re awesome. Have fun reading. 💖


Jordan Romero


Ingrid Maling

Great cause Zoe, keep reading!


Grandma Xx

You are amazing Zoe!


Natasha Bugeja-vella


Nanna & Vic

We miss you Zoe

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