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Hi It’s Me Lucas :D I am helping  Scientists to find a cure for MS, I am mainly Helping to help my lovely mum Giovanna! I pray To god that there is a cure❤️?‍?

I've read 18 books

Bad Guys 4

by Aroan Blabley

Bad Guys 3

by Aroan Blabley

Bad Guys 2

by Aroan Blabley

Bad Guys 1

by Aroan Blabley

Dog Man Unleashed

by Dave Pilky

Stories for boys who dare to be different

by Ben Brooks

The bad guys

by Aaron Blabey

Dog man

by Dav Pikey

Five Nights at Freddy’s THE FORTH CLOSET

by Scott Cawthon,Kira Breed

Five Nights at Freddy’s THE TWISTED ONES

by Scott Cawthon,Kira Breed

Ban This Book

by Alan Gratz


by Roald Dahl

Five nights at Freddy’s THE SILVER EYES

by Scott Cawthon, Kira Breed Wrisley

Weirdo 9

by Ahh do

The Very Bad Book

by Andy Griffiths

The Bad Book

by Andy Griffiths

Diary of a wimpy kid

by Jeff Kinney


by Andy Griffiths

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Pep Ferraro

Well done little man!! Zio Pep


Natalia Cerra

Well Done lucas!


Giovanna Pannella



Melinda Dimovski

Well done Lucas...


Daniella Pannella

Well Done Lucas ❤️😘


Sandra Vignjevic

What a fantastic thing to do for the MS foundation, you should be proud.


Maria/sergio Latino

Well done Lucas!!!


Carla Albano

Good on you Lucas!!


Maggie Kociski

Well done Lucas x


Senes Girls

Well done Lucas! Xxx


Jack And Lucas Mallamace

Good on you Lucas! We are super proud of you ❤️


Lucia Cooper

Well Done Lucas!!! xx


Mirsada Montagnese


Melissa Schiafone

Well done Lucas, happy reading xx


Antoinette Pannella


Angela Giouskos

Very proud of you Lucas, well done. xo


Fp Chassis

Well done Lucas so proud of you xx


Nonna Silvia

Well done Lucas!!


Robbie Latino

Read away Lucas!


Maria Lipari


Connie Pannella

Well done Lucas that’s awesome 😘❤️


Des Vouthas

well done lucas.




Kade Clohesy

Thank you Lucas for caring about something that we also care so much about. My family is super proud of you. Xx


Lina Caserta

Well done Lucas xx


Val Granieri

Go Lucas


Giovanna Pannella


Steph Cooper

Well done Lucas!!


Amanda Pereira

Happy reading Lucas!! Well done!!



Go Lucas! You rock.


Antoinette Imperatrice

Well done Lucas on a great achievement .❤️🙏🏻


Aison Sammut And The Vangeli Boys

Well done buddy, so proud of you xxx