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Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery… and it is all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August and I am raising funds for kids who have a parent living with MS. Funds raised by the MS Readathon go toward sending kids on awesome Family Camps where they can learn about MS and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 53 books

A Ninja’s Path

by Tracey West

The Clever Jackle

by Beverley Randell

I Can’t stand it

by Anne Adeney

There was an old lady who swallowed a Thong

by Louis’s Shea

There was an Old Bloke who swallowed a Chook

by Louis Shea

There was anOld Lady who swallowed a Meerkat

by Louis Shea

There was an old Bloke who swallowed a Present

by Louis Shea

There was an old lady who swallowed Mozzie

by Louis Shea

There was an old lady who swallowed a star

by Louis Shea

There was an old Bloke who Swallowed aa Bunny

by Louis Shea

There was an old Old Mozzie who Swallowed a Lady

by Louis Shea

There’s a big Green Frog in the Toilet

by Heath McKenzie

Santa’s Busy Day

by Wendy Lawson

The Billy Goats Guff

by Nigel Croser

Cool Cars

by Glen Jones

Return of the Djinn

by Kate Howard

Todd’s Odd day

by Maria Fleming

The Little Pink Pig

by Liza Charlesworth

Patterns All around Me

by Trisha Callella-Jones

At Home With Mole and Toad

by Maria Fleming

A Mule Named Sugar Cube

by Maria Fleming

Fish Guts

by Lisa Thompson

I’m Not Scared

by Wendy Blaxland

Sleepyhead Sloth

by Violet Findley

Queen Bee’s Scream

by Lisa Charlesworth

Bert’s Super Circus

by Liza Charlesworth

Clark and Cleo’s Clouds

by Elizabeth Bennett

Flora Flamingo Learns to fly

by Maria Fleming

Porcupine Pete

by Maria Fleming

The Trolls Take a Trip

by Maria Flemming

Telling the Truth

by Dawn McMillan

The Grass that Grew

by Jenny Clarke

The Best Nest

by Liza Charlesworth

The Thing that went Thump

by Maria Fleming

Jake and Jane’s Great Race

by Pamela Chanko

Ike and Mike

by Maria Fleming

Chimp and Chicks Lunch

by Lisa Charlesworth

Shelley’s New Shoes

by Pamela Chanko

Goo Goo

by Teddy Slater

A Groundhog named Grady

by Teddy Slater

Stan the pest

by Pamela Chanko

Skippy Skunk

by Maria Fleming

Mouse in my House

by Violet. Findley

The Brave Knight

by Lisa Thompson

Excuse me

by Pauline Cartwright

A Snack for Cat

by Roxanne Wiliams

Ten Masters in a Bed

by Roxanne Williams

Scooters Busy Monday

by Jenny Giles

it’s not Anywhere

by L isa Thompson

Locked in

by Brian Harrison

Look at the Land

by Sandra Iversen

Lucky Duck

by Teddy Slater

That cat max

by Liza charlesworth

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Leoni & Josh

Great reading matthew


Maureen Pepper


Nana Pepper

Congratulations Matthew very proud of you for your enthusiasm to read so many books for the MSreadathon.



Great job Matthew! You are doing a great job at reading lots of books to raise money.