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Mason Sheehan

Participating in my 1st MS Read-a-Thon

I've raised 155.4%

of my fundraising goal and am now a

Shooting star

Mason’s First Readathon

I've read 52 books

Hush little possum

by P. Crumble

Thanks, mum

by Matt Cosgrove

Inside Out Shark

by David George Gordon

Clancy of the Overflow

by Banjo Paterson

The Man from Snowy River

by Banjo Paterson

If you’re happy and you know it!

by P. Crumble

Iron Man

by Thomas Macri

Star Wars Zeb to the Rescue

by Michael Siglain

The Dragon’s Rescue

by Jenny Feely

Definitely do not open this book

by Andy Lee

That alpaca ate my cracker!

by Jane Riordan

In the Ocean

by Jennifer Szymanski

Animals of Australia

by Garry Fleming

Animals of the World

by Garry Fleming

Animals of the Oceans

by Garry Fleming

The Way Home for Wolf

by Rachel Bright

Old MacDonald Heard a Fart

by Olaf Falafel

TheVery Hungry Caterpillar

by Eric Carle

Cat and Dog

by Margaret Mooney

Amazing Gardens

by Marilyn Woolley

Wombat Stew

by Marcia K Vaughan

The Zigzag Kayak Trip

by Jade Michaels

Wombats Friend

by Rebecca Johnson

Waiting for the Rain

by Katherine Goode

Scooby Doo Treasure Hunt

by Maria Barbo

Scooby Doo Catnapped Caper

by Maria Barbo

Cyclone Fever

by Sally Morgan

Animals in the City

by Elizabeth Carney

Saving Animal Babies

by Amy Shields


by Keith Pigdon

Usbornes Big Book of Big Dinosaurs

by Alex Frith and Fabiano Fiorin

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

by Dr Seuss

Easter Bunny Pop Up

by Jaime Johnstone

Ten Apples up on Top

by Dr.Seuss

When I grow up, I’m going to play for the Queensland Maroons

by Gemma Carey

The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book

by Jennifer Cossins

What am I for?

by Geraldine McCaughreqn

Elephant Diary

by Peter Riley

Natural Disasters

by Hannah Reed


by Tammy Gagne

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

by Janeen Brian and Ann James

Green Eggs and Ham

by Dr. Seuss

When Giddys been acting the goat

by Lynette Jack

Birds Eye View

by Jenny Giles


by Claire Llewellyn

Too good to waste

by Sue Whiting


by Grace Maccarone


by Diana Noonan

The life cycle of a frog

by Lisa Trumbauer


by Jenny Hessell


by Lesley Gibbes

Sea Stars

by Honey Andersen

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Big4 And Nuzest Dollar Match


Mark Sheehan

So proud of you mate , love you to bits. Here is a boost to get you to $750


Big4 And Nuzest Dollar Match


Zyla And Xavier Hood

Great effort Mason!!



We are so very proud of you young man 📚


Debbie And Robert Abbott

What a legend…keep it up Madon


Lilly Tayler



Keep up the great work Mason



Good work kiddo x


Chris Gregory

Great work buddy



You rock!!!




Pearson Family

Great work Mason


Aunty Nicki

Keep going buddy! Your doing great!


Big4 Holiday Parks


Poppy And Nanny

Good job buddy 📚📖📚


The Wombats

Way to go Mason.


Jo-ann Millicent Sheehan



Well done Mason!


Daniel Baldwin



Great work mate



Mason, hopefully your love of books will always continue. The possibilities are endless, Love Nana


Sharon Sinclair

Good luck Mason


Jo-ann Millicent Sheehan

Good for you Mason


Rees Family

Well done Mason!!!


Cheryl And Cindy Murphy And Kids

Well done Mason we are proud of you


Jenny Sheehan

I’m so proud of you Mason 💙

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