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Charlie Naughton

Sydney Grammar Edgecliff

My Story

Throughout August I am taking a magical quest filled with adventure and mystery… and it is all for one incredible cause. I am reading as many books as I can in August and I am raising funds for kids who have a parent living with MS. Funds raised by the MS Readathon go toward sending kids on awesome Family Camps where they can learn about MS and have fun with their family. Thank you for supporting my MS Readathon adventure!

I've read 78 books

There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie

by P. Crumble

The Fearsome, frightening, ferocious Box

by F. Watts

The Wonkey Donkey

by C. Smith

Amazing Animals of Australia’s National Parks

by G. Newton

Kallie Fetches the Dragon

by S. Odgers

Androcles and the Lion

by J. Giles

How to Find A Fruit Bat

by M. Robinson

Mrs Honey's Hat

by P. Adams

Camille and the Sunflowers

by L. Anholt

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

by I. Whybrow

Peter and the Wolf

by A.L.Rubio

Dingo in the Dark

by S. Morgan

Come Here Spinner!

by S-M. Paterson

Worms at Work

by Mary-Anne Creasy

Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

by J. Donaldson

Frank in Time

by R. Clement

The Firefighters

by S. Whiting

Tales from the Gumtree

by M. Gibbs

Possum Magic

by M. Fox

The Gruffalo's Child

by J. Donaldson

Mr Silly

by R. Hargreaves

Lily's Party Time

by B. Potter

Mystery Thief

by B. Potter

Spaceships and Rockets

by D. Lock

Polar Explorers

by J. Clifford

Egyptian Treasure Tomb

by J. Clifford

Poppy Cat

by S. Acton

Dogosaurus Rex

by A. Staniszewski

Rex Tries to Juggle

by L.A.Marsoli


by M. Sperring

Pig the Fibber

by A. Blabey

Mrs Honey's Tree

by P. Adams

What do Elephants Do?

by H. Lincoln

Edward the Emu

by S. Knowles

Jungle Party

by B. Wildsmith

Piranhas Don't eat Bananas

by A. Blabey

The Ant and the Elephant

by S. Urang

The Ray who Wanted to Fly

by J. Feely

The Selfish Crocodile

by F. Charles

Weird Pet Poems

by D. Evans


by J. Windsor

Using a Tail

by J. Windsor

Tasmanian Devils

by E. Russell-Arnot

What's the Difference?

by C. Jakab

The Story of a Book

by P. Reeder

The Animal Band

by A. Smith

Ocean Adventure

by T. Mitton

The Bush Concert

by H. Visser

Water Everywhere

by J. Atkins

A Lick of the Spoon

by R. Brown

Talk! talk! Talk!

by K. Winters

Ugly Fish

by K. Lareau

Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas

by A. Blabey

Little Dracula's First Bite

by M. Waddell

The Pigs

by B. Randell

The Skyscraper

by P. Sloan

The Very Sleepy Bear

by N. Bland

Millie's Special Something

by T. Cox

Grandad's Teeth

by R. Clement

The Olympics and The Mini Olympics

by R. Mack

The Rescue

by J. Giles

The Crab at the Bottom of the Sea

by L. Traill

Bath Day for Brutus

by P. Sloan and S. Sloan

The Skeleton on the Bus

by G. Pascoe

The King of the Beasts

by P.J. Farmer

Zoe at the Fancy Dress Ball

by S. Reid

I am an Ankylosaurus

by K. Wallace

Going Home

by M. Wild

The Highway Rat

by J. Donaldson

Picasso's Trousers

by N. Allan

The Giant Jam Sandwich

by J. Vernon Lord

Billy Bonkers and the Whacky World Cup

by G. Andreae

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet

by L.Anholt

Hooray for Bread

by A. Ahlberg

The Wolfe's Story

by T. Forward

A Sea of Words

by K.M. Toft

Cat and Fish

by J. Grant


by S. Sutton

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Tim, Piri, And Xena

Well done Charlie!


Trish Paul And Ethan

Well done Charlie. Reading is such an adventure! Thanks for raising funds for people with MS


Jo Millyard

What a wonderful cause to support . Well done Charlie for reading all those books. I wonder which one is your favourite?


Polly Bennett

Go Charlie!! Love Polly xo


Zoe Woodhouse

Go Charlie keep reading! Love Zoe xxx


James Chatfield

Good luck with your Readathon adventure Charlie, it’s an amazing cause & we wish you luck on reading as many books as possible during August! All the best, James, Rue & Joshua x


Will Naughton

Go Charlie!! Love Mum & Dad xxxooo


Jason & Tamera Lang

Good luck Charlie! We look forward to hearing how many books you read during August.


Will Naughton